Outdoor Reads: Can the North Face regain ‘trail cred’? Which sports are hipsters ruining?

In this week's reads find out if the North Face regain ‘trail cred’; and what sports hipsters are ruining.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • It’s no news flash for the industry, but Bloomberg puts the word on the street that The North Face is looking to regain its lost trail cred. The article recaps the brand’s incredible growth, but the reality that its jackets and gear are more ubiquitous on the subway than in the wilderness. As one consumer put it: “When you see someone wearing North Face, you think they’re probably a newbie to the outdoorsy world.” Officials acknowledge the double-edged sword of success, and say they’re investing in innovation and working with athletes to draw back hard-core consumers.
  • Many outdoor and fitness enthusiasts pride themselves on eating right with a diet of fresh vegetables, natural ingredients and minimally processed foods. But when it comes to workouts and race days, those same people are filling their guts with processed, corn-syrup-filled chews and gels. It’s time for athletes to switch back to real food, nutrition expert Skratch Labs founder Allen Lim tells the Denver Post and offers advice on how to do so.
  • We used to be hipsters. You know, before it was cool and cliché. Just kidding. Hipsters are ruining everything from cool neighborhoods that used to be the 'hood to awesome sports that would be cool if they’d just stop talking about them. The Mtn. Advisor has a few selections of sports that would be awesome if some people’s kids would just stop yapping about them. We think the story is spot on.
  • If Boulder, Colo. outdoor businesses are right, the outdoor industry is on the upswing, according to this story in The Boulder County Business Report. Representatives from Sea to Summit and MontBell America report they’ve seen growth as the economy has rebounded, though they note that success in this business is a “moving target,” because of the unpredictability of the weather.
  • We recently brought you an awesome story of efforts to get youth involved in outdoor sports and there seems to be even more hope for the cause after we read this story about a seventh-grader reached one goal he’s had since 2009: To summit every one of Colorado’s fourteeners. He achieved that goal atop Pikes Peak on Aug. 2.
  • Southern Utah’s The Wave attracts a multitude of tourists who want to hike in its beauty, but it’s made headlines lately because of the deaths of three hikers there this summer. Now the Bureau of Land Management said there are going to be changes implemented to prevent future tragedies at the site, according to this story. Some steps include revamping the Arizona and Utah BLM websites to emphasize the safety dangers and translate safety videos and brochures into foreign languages.
  • We’re not sure about this tent we read about in this New York Daily News story. Apparently the tent attaches to a pair of sneakers and is stored there at the ankles while you walk. All the user needs to do is pull the tent up over their head and viola! A “Walking Shelter." Tell us what you think about this shelter in the comments section.
  • Kids aren’t the only ones who need playgrounds, and the City of Los Angeles is addressing the playful needs of its citizens by erecting adult outdoor fitness playgrounds around the city, according to this story. We’re thinking any thing that can take a person from working out indoors to enjoying a sweat session in nature is a good thing for the outdoor industry.
  • Hey Michigan retailers and manufacturers, here’s your opportunity to help get more folks involved in outdoor activities. This story reports that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for partners to help develop outdoor recreation programs for next year. The goal, officials said, is to forge relationships that are beneficial for parks, visitors and local businesses.

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