Outdoor industry retailers going the extra mile for those in need following Katrina

The Alpine Shop staff from St. Louis, Missouri, is lending their muscle-power alongside the staff at Buffalo Peak Outfitters in Jackson, Mississippi to ensure that the flow of product donations from the industry gets processed, redistributed, and into vehicles to get out to those in need following the Katrina Hurricane disaster.

The Alpine Shop staff from St. Louis, Mo., is lending their muscle-power alongside the staff at Buffalo Peak Outfitters in Jackson, Miss., to ensure that the flow of product donations from the industry gets processed, redistributed and into vehicles to get out to those in need following the Katrina Hurricane disaster.

Reading about Buffalo Peak and the way they were helping the victims of Katrina both through ROI emails and on SNEWS® inspired the entire staff at the Alpine Shop to band together to do everything they could to offer assistance too.

Emails went out from the buying staff, and, SNEWS® was told, in short order, teams were assembled to drive down to Buffalo Peak to help that store's staff with the monumental task of processing and distributing donated goods.

Jason Erfling, one of the store's buyers, and Stephen Leake, one of the store's managers, arrived at Buffalo Peak this morning, along with the store's transfer van loaded down with donated products, including 600 shirts and shorts donated from the local Columbia Sportswear rep, and from a local screen printer, Dogfish, that sponsors a local cycling team. Also on board the van were socks and shoes.

Erfling and Leake will be heading out from Buffalo Peak tonight we're told, along with Tommy Smith of Buffalo Peak and members of his staff, to drive down to Waynesboro, Miss., where they will spend the night at a friend of Smith's who has already made a run to the affected areas -- likely in a tent. In the morning, the team will head out and deliver the items to various churches and distribution points that are in need, and then drive back to Buffalo Peak for another load.

Brenda Mohr, another buyer at the Alpine Shop, told SNEWS® that she will be driving down with another staff member from the store on the morning of Sept. 13, and staying through Friday to, "Support Buffalo Peak and the people in need anyway we can."

Mohr told us that the Alpine Shop has staff scheduled in rotation to drive down and assist at Buffalo Peak as long as they are needed, realizing like all of us this is not a short-term effort. For the record, and we asked, the Alpine Shop is paying its staff while they volunteer for Buffalo Peak -- the ultimate show of class and support for those in need.

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