Katrina Outdoor Industry Donations Update: BFZee, Outdoor Recreation Group, Katadyn, and CamelBak

BFZee is shipping DEET towelettes to Buffalo Peak, Buffalo Peak's call for duffel bags, posted on SNEWS® gets quick response, Katadyn shipping water filters to Buffalo Peak Outfitters, CamelBak shipping hydration packs to Red Cross and others
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BFZee is shipping DEET towelettes to Buffalo Peak
Following a request from Kevin Lee at Adventure 16 wholesale, Mark Prizer of BFZee notified us that the company was shipping one full pallet (21,000 towelettes) of DEET insect repellent down to Buffalo Peak via Air Freight. The towelettes will be most useful to local police and rescue workers. Each towelette contains a 30 percent DEET solution. For more on BFZee, go to www.bfzee-usa.com/

Buffalo Peak's call for duffel bags, posted on SNEWS® gets quick response

As of this morning, David Ashbaugh of Soft Gear Solutions (www.softgearsolutions.com) told SNEWS® that he was shipping a quantity of duffle bags to Buffalo Peak. In addition, Adventure 16 confirmed that Outdoor Recreation Group was also shipping a quantity of seconds directly to Buffalo Peak.

Katadyn shipping water filters to Buffalo Peak Outfitters
Shawn Hostetter told SNEWS® by email that the company was immediately shipping all of its marketing samples, unused retailer returned products, and a "slew of other new products (including Hiker Pro's and Micropur Purification Tablets) to Buffalo Peak. Katadyn will also be working closely with Jeff Barry, a hydrogeologist and the co-owner of Ground Water Solutions, based in Portland, Oregon. On his own dime, Barry and some of his staff will be traveling to Jackson, Miss. to work with Brian Brawdy as volunteer to help distribute water filters, purification tablets and other products to Katrina refugees. Barry's ultimate goal will be to research what is needed for water treatment in the area and offer solutions as needed and requested.

CamelBak shipping hydration packs to Red Cross and others
CamelBak tells us the company shipped out 350 packs to the Red Cross last week and is working through the New York office as they are the lead office coordinating response to this disaster. Many of these 350 packs were samples and employees' packs that we effectively refurbished with new reservoirs. In addition, CamelBak shipped 50 hydration packs donated by employees to Buffalo Peak Outfitters on Friday. On Tuesday, September 6, the company shipped 50 new hydration packs to the Biloxi police department. In addition, the company donated 150 hydration packs that were handed out to New Orleans airport workers, military and airmen at Louis Armstrong Airport by Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee.



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