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  • After a 1 percent gain in sales over 2017, L.L.Bean's directors are bringing back 5 percent annual pay bonuses for about 5,400 year-round employees and an additional 2 percent enhancement to their 401(k) contributions.
  • Decathlon is opening its first full-scale store in the U.S. on April 12 in Emeryville, California. Within 47,000 square feet, the store will be an experiential center, with places to test products and featuring new technology, including RFID checkout and cashless systems.
  • The Grand Canyon National Park superintendent is resigning, following an investigation that turned up no wrongdoing by Christine Lehnertz.
  • It's not easy talking about the intricacies underwear without giggling or blushing. SAXX confronts that and capitalizes on laughs in its new video explaining its patented BallPark Pouch technology.
  • Full circle: Today, PrimaLoft experts in advanced material technology announced that the Bio fibers are renewable in a circular economy—meaning they've proven capable of being chemically recycled and broken down so they can be rejuvenated into a new high-performance material.
  • Jonathan Dorn, president of Active Interest Media's Active Living Group (of which SNEWS is part of), was recently interviewed about the challenges in media, utilizing data, and what keeps him up at night.
  • After six years as marketing and PR manager with Sea to Summit, Mary Butler is stepping aside and Ben Howard is filling her role, according to an email sent to media contacts.