Mike Mooers joins the ownership team at SNEWS® LLC

Responding to three years of phenomenal growth, SNEWS® LLC is adding another team member to focus on marketing and special projects and to help ensure the company remains the market leader in information. Granted, it wasn't your typical interview process.

Responding to three years of phenomenal growth, SNEWS® LLC is adding another team member to focus on marketing and special projects and to help ensure the company remains the market leader in information. Granted, it wasn't your typical interview process.

Foolishly trying to draw to an inside straight, marketing and public relations veteran Mike Mooers lost a poker hand to SNEWS® president Michael Hodgson’s pair of treys and is now required to work for SNEWS® for the rest of his natural life. Or until he gets fed up and quits.

Lucky for SNEWS®, the deck did not include any sevens or tens as the company chief of all things editorial, Therese Iknoian, and big cheese of all things sales, Gene Treacy, conspired to rig the deck before the showdown began. Hey, it’s not cheating unless you get caught, right?

Mooers, ever the professional, diplomatically responded upon learning of the deception, “What a rip – these guys totally scammed me.

“OK, yeah, I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with these clowns working on growing the brand, and all that. Besides, I now live near the office and have nothing much better to do right now,” Mooers added. “Well, kind of near – same county. I’m very excited to be a part of such a dynamic whatever and look forward to never having to set up a big-ass trade show booth again.”

Upon hearing this, SNEWS® unveiled plans for a new 1,000-by-10,000-foot booth…nah, just kidding. We still like small and nimble.

For those who want to know more about Mooers (and even if you don't), here are a few factoids, in his own words:

  • Almost 20 years in the outdoor biz. Has worked everywhere from the sales floor to an office with a window and my own trash can – which is why working for SNEWS® sounds so attractive.
  • Founder and former president of OllyDog, the coolest dog gear company ever … according to my dog.
  • Marketing and PR cheeseball at Sierra Designs before the company up and left the San Francisco Bay Area for Colorado without telling me.
  • Yes, I worked for The North Face – who didn’t – but it was a long time ago and I’m over it.
  • Just moved to Nevada City, Calif. (actually, the so-called “Ridge,” which is like the other side of the tracks) with my wife, Suzanne, and dog, Odin
  • Skis, backpacks, and just generally likes to play outside meaning I’ll fit in just fine around the office – doesn’t anyone do any work around here? Oh, I get it…that will be me.

Mooers will begin working with the SNEWS® gang on June 1, with a focus on marketing and special projects. Mooers will also seek opportunities across all SNEWS® segments to creatively increase the company's brand exposure.

It is Mooers' intent to become a minority owner in SNEWS® LLC, joining the current ownership team of Hodgson, Iknoian and Treacy (unless of course we have another poker game and he manages to cheat his way back out of the deal).

Trying to add a bit of a serious close on a somewhat tongue-in-cheek news release, Hodgson added, "Mike adds a dose of high-octane energy and vision to an already very amped-up and talented team of writers, editors and sales staff. We are excited to have him join a company that has been growing at an average of 40 percent annually over the last three years."

Mooers can be reached by email for congratulations, condolences, and other communications at mmooers@snewsnet.com.


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