Health & Fitness Business show wants to know what you think: Survey to assess show needs, opinions, future

As the fitness industry continues to debate its retail show and where it’s going, show operator Nielsen Business Media is launching a survey that wants to know what retailers and exhibitors want. The survey is now live and waiting for your response -- just click on the links in the story to have your say.
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As the fitness industry continues to debate its retail show and where it’s going, show operator Nielsen Business Media is launching a survey that wants to know what retailers and exhibitors want.

The concise survey, already mentioned by show director Andy Tompkins in a Q-and-A SNEWS® story (click here to see that July 13, 2009, SNEWS® story, “Show director speaks to SNEWS about the show, its format and its future.”), is now live and waiting for your response – links are below.

“I think it is no surprise to anyone that the industry has been evolving over the last few years,” Tompkins said, “and the show needs to adapt to those changes to continue to best serve the market. The current state of the economy has only accelerated these changes.

“To that end, we are seeking feedback from the fitness market to help inform us as we plan the future of the HFB show,” he added.

Look for questions about all the issues that you have talked about and SNEWS has covered in-depth – including numbers of days, what you seek at the show, what other products may also interest you, and other possible cities. Discussions about these and other topics have accelerated, particularly on the heels of a much smaller 2008 Health & Fitness Business show and on the doorstep of an even smaller 2009 show Aug. 6-7. Since the show is sure to be significantly smaller again this year, SNEWS in an editorial raised the question whether the industry is perhaps writing the obituary for its own show: Click here to see that July 1, 2009, SNEWS View, “SNEWS View: Is the fitness industry killing its own show?” Plus, look for comments in the SNEWS Chat with the story from your industry colleagues.

“We want to know how you use the show as a part of your annual business plan. We want to understand what elements of the current format are most valuable to your business and what new ones you would like to see,” Tompkins explained. "Some have requested a change of venue: How do you feel about locations for future editions of HFB?”

This online survey – one each for retailers/buyers and for exhibitors/manufacturers since their needs and thoughts may differ -- is just the start of the show management company’s exploration of what direction the show needs to take to better serve the fitness industry, Tompkins said. The discussion will continue at the show during the HFB Happy Hour (4:30-6 p.m., Aug.6) at the SNEWS Community Hub on the show floor.

“We're looking forward to some lively discussion over a complimentary beer,” Tompkins said.

>> Retailers and buyers, click here to take the survey.

>> Exhibitors and manufacturers, click here to take your survey.

“We believe in the power of the fitness industry to be a positive agent for change in a society that will continue to face serious health challenges into the foreseeable future,” Tompkins said. “Gathering once a year face-to-face is a vital opportunity, in our opinion, to work together to promote our innovations and solutions and to collaborate and share ideas to grow and strengthen our businesses.”

--Therese Iknoian

SNEWS® View: SNEWS too wants to know what you want and need, what you will support, if larger changes are in the future, and where all this should take place. Take the survey, come to the Happy Hour discussion on Aug. 6. Be open, be honest, even be brutal if you must, but come, speak your mind, and share and seek opinions. No matter what size the show will be, SNEWS will be there, covering what is going on, what you are showing and talking about, co-hosting the Happy Hour, and presenting its 5th annual SNEWS Fitness Forum luncheon (Aug. 6, 12-1 p.m.) to give all attendees a chance to discuss surviving in the current economy.

--SNEWS® Editors