GlobalShop – Fixturing, mannequins and more for your store

SNEWS just got back from GlobalShop, the world's largest annual trade show dedicated to store design, visual merchandising, and shopper marketing. Check out our picks of cool products that will help spice up your store displays and organization.

GlobalShop is the world’s largest annual tradeshow and conference dedicated to store design, visual merchandising, and shopper marketing. The three-day show, held March 27-30, 2011, was divided into six sections of the retail design industry: The Store Fixturing Show, The Visual Merchandising Show, Store Design & Operations, The Digital Store, At-Retail Marketplace, and Retail Marketing Services. It is held once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Sands Expo & Convention Center.

While the show’s target market is the large multi-channel store – department stores, big boxes, etc. – there is much to see and experience that would be of great interest to any outdoor, fitness or wintersports specialty store. In addition to the more than 600 exhibitors, the show conference programs are must-attends. This year’s show topics included shopper marketing and experience, store design, branding and presentation.

Need help designing and constructing a new store? Simply want to change your store lighting, flooring or wall coverings? Are you in the market for new fixtures, signage, banners or props? GlobalShop is the place for one-stop shopping for any size retailer.

SNEWS®, of course, was there, to bring you resources we think will be useful to your retail business. Here’s are just a few of the items we discovered:

Store Maintenance

Hooked on Magnets

A pair of magnets and telescoping rod that makes banner-hanging a breeze. Two magnets fit into grooves on the end of the rod. String or wire is attached to the magnet and the banner. The magnets and the banner are hoisted up to the metal grid on a shop ceiling where the magnets slide from the rod and hang the banner (they can hold up to 90 pounds). This clever device is a simple idea with a lot of pay back for the retailer wanting to use bannering in store. No website available. Go to or call 805-610-6736 and ask for Eric Sullivan.

The Hanger Caddy

This “find” is a storage system that helps retailers deal with those pesky hangers. While there are already hanger racks to stack hangers, the under the counter (pictured) and back room caddy is a step forward in hanger control. It consists of an under-the-counter hanger rack or “slider” that secures the hanger necks so they don’t get tangled. There are separate racks for skirt hangers and shirt hangers. The under the counter rack, when full, can be transported to the back room and hooked on an upright storage caddy on casters with a small footprint that holds approximately 500 hangers. For more information, contact Robert Ungerbuhler at the Sam Pievac Company or call 800-742-8585.

Store Fixturing


Grid walls have changed and for the better. Visplay, a German fixture company, showed a new type of grid, Grid 50, that was both useful and unique. Instead of the round wire used on most grids this was a flat grid with an entirely new look and one that would work nicely in outdoor stores. Painted a flat black, it utilizes attachments that are specially made to fit it so one would have to buy into the system. It was one of the best new products seen at the show.

The company also produces an attractive slatwall in recycled woods, both dark and light tones, that can be used in strips for a more modern but less flexible look or put together for slatwall with a new vibe. It also works both vertically and horizontally.

Visplay has just established a U.S. office in Pennsylvania. Check their product assortment at Call 610-366-1658. A New York showroom will be opening soon.


Michigan Ladder Company

A little company that just makes ladders. Simple as that! What surprised the company but not us, is that ladders make great display platforms. It turns out that Victoria’s Secret, Land’s End, and Levi Strauss have all used the company’s wood ladders for display. The ladders are perfect for a multitude of uses, have a small footprint and, when painted in bright or pastel colors, take on an updated look. You can find ladders at your home improvement or hardware store, but it’s worth taking a look at Michigan Ladder Company’s stock. You can reach Bob Hoernschemeyer at or call 800-44406704. He’s willing to do special ladders for you.


It was hard to walk the show aisles without passing mannequin exhibitors. And these aren’t your usual mannequins. Darker skin tones, unusual textures and ambiguity of ethnicity are trending in mannequin design. Consider investing in mannequins to show clothing to its best advantage. The variety of types and price points make mannequins accessible to retailers of all sizes. Here are some of the highlights:

CNL Mannequins

CNL Mannequins introduced its new line of mannequins at the show and they are terrific. New finishes are available with the favorite being the Cement Finish. It comes in a rough or smooth texture, but the best is the rough. It has an urban, outdoor look.

The Papier-Mache finish is eco friendly with an organic look that would definitely work in an outdoor store. These are custom mannequins made of polyurethane and fiberglass and tend to be somewhat pricey. Consider using them in window displays. To get a quote or more information go to or call 714-521-9997.

Alternatives Manufacturing

Alternatives mannequins are available in floor standing and hanging torsos in white, clear or custom colors. Stick with the white and the clear as color can be distracting and clash with clothing colors. The arm connectors are magnetic, a feature you should always insist on for ease of dressing. The company does offer articulated “pin-on” arms that allow some posing options. Duraview and Duraplas models are lightweight, unbreakable, recyclable and affordable. Check out the rest of the company’s offering at or call 802-442-8420.


Want a foot, a leg, a hand, a full body, a half body or bust? RPM has it. Its mannequin line is perfect for displaying footwear, socks, and sports bras or just about anything else you might need. How about a couple of super buffed mannequins for your athletic customers? RPM Displays is an all-purpose mannequin source. So go online to view the company’s product offerings at or call 315-255-1105.

In the next installment of GlobalShop Review, we’ll look at what we found in fixturing materials, retail design firms, and signage resources. Meanwhile, put the next GlobalShop date on your calendar. It will be held Feb. 29-March 2, 2012 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas.

--Sharon Leicham


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