Did you hear?...Nautilus-sponsored study shows more Americans intend to workout

A study of consumers commissioned by the Nautilus Institute found that the alleged New Year's Resolutions may actually heat up come spring, not January, and that more people have said they will start exercising more than in the past.

A study of consumers commissioned by the Nautilus Institute found that the alleged New Year's Resolutions may actually heat up come spring, not January, and that more people have said they will start exercising more than in the past.

The percentage of people who said they are going to begin or intensify their exercise is 70 percent, up from 62 percent who said the same two years ago.

"This shows intentions are still healthy," said Nautilus spokesman Ron Arp. The study was a blind, random, online survey of 500 adults through an outside supplier in February. No other details were available.

Although the busy season for fitness seems to be the fourth and first quarters of the year (winter, holidays and New Year's), more than half of this study's respondents said they turned their thoughts to shaping up come March.

The spring season was chosen as the time to act by 53 percent who saw it as the time to get ready for skimpier summer wear, while New Year's was selected by 21 percent. A few less (19 percent) noted summer as the preferred time to kick off a program.

Self-image goes up with regular exercise
The study also revealed that those who did workout were twice as likely to feel good about themselves as those who didn't. For example,

• 83 percent of respondents who exercise 5 to 7 times a week feel positive about their health and appearance.
• 67 percent of respondents who exercise 2 to 4 times a week share the same positive feelings about themselves.
• 48 percent of respondents who exercise once a week or less have a positive view of themselves.

In addition, about a third of active Americans are seeking fitness equipment for their home in the next year, either adding to their assortment or building out a dedicated space for fitness, now in just over a third of the homes of respondents.

Intentions to buy included:

• free weights, with 30 percent of respondents considering buying them, up from 17 percent two years ago.
• treadmills, 29 percent, compared to 25 percent two years ago.
• exercise bikes, 28 percent, compared to 12 percent two years ago.
• home exercise gyms, 23 percent, compared to 14 percent two years ago.
• Treadclimber cardio trainers, 18 percent, compared to 7 percent two years ago.



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