Did you hear?... 2007 SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey now open for your input!

Retailers, the 5th-annual SNEWS® Retailer Survey has kicked into gear. Let your vote and voice count!

Retailers, the 5th-annual SNEWS® Retailer Survey has kicked into gear. Let your vote and voice count!

We hope -- as we know your suppliers hope -- you'll take part to make this year's results even bigger, better, more helpful and more informative than last year's. It opened for your vote on March 29 and will remain open until April 23, 2007, so we can tabulate the votes in time for printing in our July 2007 GearTrends® Fitness magazine. You can take the survey quickly and easily online, sending us the results electronically AND qualifying for a thank-you gift. To begin taking the survey, simply click here or cut and paste the following link into your browser – www.snewsnet.com/fitsurvey.

Remember, if you have more than one store, please have one buyer or manager take responsibility for answering for your entire brand, and remember that every question must be answered for the survey to be counted. We welcome every fitness specialty retail store group in the 50 United States to submit a response (this includes specialty but not sporting goods or mass and means one vote per store group). But that doesn’t mean we just count blindly because, of course, SNEWS® is far from blind. We will verify every participant and store so, yes, we will search for and eliminate tampering, ballot-box-stuffing and arm-twisting by manufacturers. And if we do discover such un-American goings-on, we will most certainly be vewy vewy angwy.

OK, off our soap box and onward: As you know and as we say every year, individual responses will ALWAYS be confidential; we will NEVER share which stores took part or what each said -- even with million-dollar bribes. 

If you have any general questions or want to know if you qualify, please call the SNEWS® office, 530-268-8295, or email survey@snewsnet.com. And if you missed the 2006 survey results in last year's GearTrends®, check it out at www.snewsnet.com/surveys.

Remember, we need completed survey responses by April 23.
Thank you in advance for once again becoming a valuable contributor of information to improve our industry!


2007 Annual SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey

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