An American in Italy: Peter Weaver ascends to global CEO of Tecnica Group

Italy-based Tecnica Group has tapped its top U.S. executive, Peter Weaver, to lead the global company. Find out why that's big news for this Italian family-run business.

Italy-based Tecnica Group has tapped its top U.S. executive to lead the global company.

The Italian footwear and winter equipment company, parent to Tecnica, Lowa, Nordica, Dolomite and several other outdoor brands, named Peter Weaver, CEO of the group’s U.S. business as its new global CEO, effective Sept. 1, 2012.

Weaver will replace Giancarlo Zanatta, who is retiring from the position after nearly 50 years leading the company, which he helped found in 1960. Zanatta will remain president of the board, focusing on long-term strategy. Zanatta’s son, Alberto, will retain his position as general manager of the group and take on the position of vice president of the board.

The leadership shake up is a bold move in Italy, where family outdoor and footwear businesses have historically passed the top reigns down to future familial generations.

“Bringing in an American to lead an Italian family company is a clear sign of our group’s international commitment and creates a powerful global partnership combining the best aspects of America and Europe,” the elder Zanatta said in a press release. “I have known for a long time the professional skills and international experience of Peter Weaver, and I fully trust that the new management structure can represent for our company a positive change.”

Weaver, who has led Tecnica’s U.S. operations since October 2007, will retain that position here, splitting his time about 60 percent in Italy and 40 percent in the United States and other global markets. Tecnica Group's U.S. headquarters are based in West Lebanon, N.H., where it employs 64 people, minus Lowa, which is headquartered in Connnecticut.

Weaver previously served as CEO of ski brand Marker and and as president of Easton Technical Products before joining Tecnica.

“With my focus shifted much more to global issues, I am grateful to have a strong brand leadership team already in place in our New Hampshire HQ to drive our continued success in the U.S. market and have every confidence that they will,” Weaver said in a statement. “Further, I believe that my presence in the global headquarters, and the international partnership that it represents, will allow our group to even better address the needs of the U.S. consumer and market.”

About 14 percent of Tecnica Group’s sales come from the United States. Tecnica got its start in 1960, launching the Moon Boot brand in 1970, then acquiring Lowa in 1993, Dolomite in 1998, Nordica in 2002, Rollerblade in 2003, and Blizzard in 2006.

--David Clucas


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