SNEWS TV -- Hodgson gets confused on treadmills, Iknoian finds balance

SNEWS TV's latest episodes finds Michael Hodgson getting pumped up and just a bit confused in a strength and treadmill segment from HFB and Therese Iknoian talking about the importance of balance training in her popular TNT with Therese segment.
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Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian take you on a tour of what's hot from the Health & Fitness Business Show 2010 featuring Vectra, Body-Solid, PaceMaster, Bodyguard and Clif Bar.

In this episode of TNT (Trends & Topics) with Therese Iknoian, SNEWS TV looks into why balance training is so important, the broader impact of balance training on your daily life, and solutions for all ages -- featuring interviews with FitterFirst and SPRI.

Coming later this week, more coverage from SNEWS TV of the Interbike and Health & Fitness Business trade shows, featuring What's Hot with Michael Hodgson, TNT with Therese Iknoian, and much more.

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