Sea Kayaker Magazine

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Editorial Focus

Connecting community
Sea Kayaker has always been devoted to
providing the kayaking community with
useful and accurate information and sharing
the stories of paddling adventures
around the world. As an independent
publication Sea Kayaker has been in the
enviable position of maintaining a pledge
of service to the sea kayaking community.
While the magazine continues to draw a
devoted readership, our complementary
on-line presence allows us to connect
kayakers to each other, to events and opportunities
and to products and services.
Our website, our forum and our on-line
newsletter give kayakers access to the information
they need at their convenience.
We have a broad selection of articles
posted on our website with new material
being added with every issue of the magazine.
These free on-line articles, more than
120 in number, spanning a decade of back
issues, provide all kayakers with a valuable
set of timeless resources.
Our expanding presence and frequent
updates on the web keep us high on the
list of hits by all the major search engines.
As a result we've been able to draw the
interest of outdoor enthusiasts who are
just getting into the sport and eager to
gear up, get guidance and go paddling.
For more experienced kayakers, the reputation
the magazine has built over the
years sets Sea Kayaker's web presence
apart from the profusion of sites focused
on sea kayaking. Backed by the experienced
staff and the knowledgeable group
of contributors, our website, our forum
and our newsletter offer ways for our advertisers
to connect with the community.
Through our sponsorship and presence
at sea kayaking events around the country
we are able to introduce new kayakers to
the best that kayaking has to offer. Our
emphasis on safety encourages kayakers
to invest in the equipment and in the training
they need to make the most of their
time on the water.
Our advertising partners
We think you'll find that advertising in Sea
Kayaker is profitable in many ways. We
can connect you with an enthusiastic and
committed kayaking community through
print and on-line advertising. Reviews
by knowledgeable staff and writers can
give readers a fair and comprehensive look
at your products and frequently provide
you with valuable insights that can aid
you in their development. Sea Kayaker is
a publication we think you'll be proud to
be a part of.



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