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Goodhew, a Chattanooga-based company, has a single purpose: to craft the world’s best socks, with no compromises, that bring unparalleled comfort to those that wear them. Using innovative, high-performance natural yarns and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Goodhew creates lifestyle socks with modern patterns and exciting colors. Each pair of socks delivers the complete package of high-quality materials, a great design aesthetic, and exceptional performance.

Goodhew socks are constructed with technical features typically found in high-end outdoor and athletic socks. Features include welt tops, flex zones, mesh breather panels, seamless toes closures, arch supports and Y-heels to keep socks from sliding down. Each Goodhew socks has spandex throughout, ensuring a personalized fit no matter the foot size or shape and guaranteeing the sock fits that as well at the end of the day as when it was first pulled on. Goodhew is committed to using only the finest quality raw materials, including a fine merino wool and Alpaca, both of which provide natural thermoregulation and moisture management, and Bamboo which offers softness and breathability.

As Goodhew is to Lifestyle Performance, Sockwell is to Therapeutic Performance. Sockwell Therapeutic Performance socks are our solution to wellness with style. Knit with natural, luxurious, high-performance yarns and state-of-the-art knitting technology, Sockwell socks provide a wide range of therapeutic solutions, including Graduated Compression, Relaxed Fit/Diabetic-Friendly, and Plantar Fasciitis Relief among others.

Sockwell's Graduated Compression series offers two levels of compression: 15-20mmHg compression (moderate), and 20-30mmHg compression (firm). These styles help promote circulation, minimize swelling and help reduce fatigue. These styles are crafted with Sockwell’s signature high-performance Cashmerino/Bamboo yarns, ultra-light cushion sole, and seamless toe close to provide a durable yet luxurious thermoregulating sock for all day comfort. Styles like the T Ceremony offer a modern Asiatic-inspired pattern in a rich color palette that can punctuate any look. The athleisure style of the Sportster features a vintage bold stripe top with pops of color that are anchored in a range of timeless basics, perfect for work, casual, or recreational occasions.

Inspired to bring Therapeutic Performance and ultimate comfort to the world of ski, Sockwell is launching a unique Graduated Compression Ski Collection for Fall ’16. This collection is constructed with high-performance Lambswool/Alpaca yarns in moderate 15-20mmHg compression for all day wear. The patterns and colors are bold and energetic. The Ski Medium option is constructed with a protective shin, achilles cushion and a medium cushion sole. The Ski Ultra-Light is a low-profile version that offers a protective and supportive layer between your skin and your boot.

The Relaxed Fit/Diabetic-Friendly series brings design and color to an otherwise black and white world. Each sock in the collection is constructed with Sockwell’s signature high-performance Cashmerino/Bamboo yarn that provides natural moisture management, blister resistance, odor control and thermoregulation, all of which are crucial in helping to protect sensitive feet from painful irritation. The “stay in place” construction and seamless toe closure helps prevent bunching, binding, and chafing.

Sockwell’s innovative therapeutic designs go beyond the scope of compression and relaxed fit to include Bunion, Plantar Faciitis and Metatarsal Relief styles. The Bunion Relief sock features a cushioned toe pocket that protects toes against abrasion and soothes discomfort from overlapping as well as anatomical padding to help minimize friction and bunion pain in the shoe. The Plantar Fasciitis Relief sock delivers firm compression to support the Plantar Facia and Achilles Tendon. This style is recommended for long distance runners, pregnant women, and anyone who has high arches, is on their feet all day, or are very active individuals. The Metatarsal Relief sock helps ease discomfort under the ball of the foot while gently distributing weight over the forefoot pressure zone.

All Goodhew/Sockwell socks are crafted in the USA using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in world-class American mills. We are committed to reviving the American Textile Industry and support local economies while managing our carbon footprint. Goodhew/Sockwell’s HomeGrown Wool Initiative supports American sheep farmers, helping create a market for wool sheared from free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep that produce beautiful, fine-micron wool here at home.

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Goodhew Fall 2015 Catalog Photography by Dotson Commercial.

Goodhew Fall 2015 Catalog Photography by Dotson Commercial.

Goodhew Fall 2015 Catalog Photography by Dotson Commercial.

Goodhew Fall 2015 Catalog Photography by Dotson Commercial.


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