Fast-Drying Tilley 'Travel' Socks by Tilley

Fast-Drying Tilley 'Travel' Socks. Not just for travel! Your feet will thank you for providing arch support, no-feel toe seams and moisture escape panels for a dry and comfortable fit
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Not just for travel! Your feet will thank you for providing arch support, no-feel toe seams and moisture escape panels for a dry and comfortable fit. Our mid-calf length socks will wick away moisture and help prevent blisters. Two pairs are all you need to travel the world - wash them in a sink in the evening, wring in a towel, and they`ll be dry for morning. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Features: * Moisture-escape panel for extra breathability * No-feel toe seam * Help keep feet dry and comfortable * Rib arch cradles your feet * Three-year 'All-Holes-Barred Guarantee' * Wash, wring and they will dry overnight * Fabric rated UPF 50+, providing excellent UV protection Fabric Story: Made from 49% polypropylene, 46% nylon and 5% Lycra. This blended fabric gives our socks their excellent moisture wicking action, fast-drying capability, durability, and comfort in the evening. Sizing: S: Youth's shoe size 1-4 Women's Shoe size 4-6 M: Women's shoe size 6 1/2 - 10 Men's shoe size 5 - 8 1/2 L: Women's shoe size 10 1/2 - 13 1/2 Men's shoe size 9 - 12 XL: Women's shoe size 14 - 16 1/2 Men's shoe size 12 1/2 - 15 This fabric has been tested and certified as providing "excellent ultraviolet protection". It has a UPF rating of 50+, the maximum rating given. For more information on sun protection and the fabric testing please see: A Fashionable Defense- Sun Protection from Head to Toe. Washing Instructions: Machine wash and dry. On the road? Wash in a hotel sink, wring completely in a towel and hang to dry. They will dry overnight depending on you, your towel and the humidity.


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