TracMe PLB launches national sales team

New personal locator beacon company adds seasoned sales rep network
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The personal locator beacon (PLB) company, TracMe, introduced its new national sales team today. The TracMe team will be attending the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah to conduct an outdoor beacon demonstration August 7 and 8 at Pineview Reservoir near Ogden and will exhibit at Booth No. 52046 in the Grand Ballroom of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

"We're excited about the dynamic team that is ready to bring TracMe to the U.S. market. These seasoned professionals represent a multitude of high-profile lines and have excellent relationships with key retailers throughout the U.S. They share our mission to increase the enjoyment —and safety—of backcountry adventures for users of all ages along with the search and rescue (SAR) teams who support them," said Brent Turner, TracMe North America's general manager. "Members of this team have realized that TracMe is redefining the character and accessibility of general use PLBs while reinforcing personal responsibility, backcountry safety, and more efficient use of many volunteer-based SAR resources," said Turner.

Members of the TracMe USA sales team include:
--Mike Schmidt of Stowe-based Velocity Sales, covering the New England territory of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island (
--Brian Thompson of the Hot Springs-based Thompson Group covering the South Central territory of Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas (
--Blair Simpson, based in Denver, covering the Rockies territory of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico (
--Andy Russell, based in Bishop, covering the Western Coastal territory of California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii (
--Blaine Miller of Seattle-based Pinnacle Sales, covering the Northwest Territory of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana and Alaska (

Final selection is underway for remaining territories on the TracMe North America sales team. For inquiries about joining the team, contact Brent Turner at

About TracMe Personal Locator Beacons Pty Ltd
TracMe Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) is an international organization based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Seattle, Washington, USA dedicated to applying technological advances to finding lost adventurers faster. TracMe's first product uses a simple and well-known technology which uses the same Channel 1 signal as nearly 100 million trail radios currently used in the United States. It is affordable, light and easy to use. TracMe's Channel 1 FRS/GMRS radio signal works with land and airplane search techniques. TracMe evolved from an idea in 1992 to create a small, simple, affordable and effective radio locator beacon that could be used by anyone while engaged in outdoor activities, including situations where the conventional satellite-based PLBs are not appropriate for general use.

To activate a TracMe, you simply pull the top and bottom of the beacon apart. When activated, the TracMe PLB sends the voice message “Help…Emergency” continuously every 15 seconds for up to 7 days. TracMe PLBs are designed for one-time use but not abuse. They are the most affordable, longest lasting and lightest weight beacon available in a non-satellite beacon category: only 1.6 ounces, 3.2-inches long at $150 MSRP, they are smaller than an energy bar. When activated for legitimate search and rescue, an expended TracMe PLB will be replaced free of charge. Designed with an enclosed built-in lithium battery to last 10 years in backcountry and waterway adventure conditions, TracMe PLBs are the 11th essential for responsible outdoor adventurers anywhere. For more information, visit