(Re)-Introducing The Original 108 From Stegmann

Still The Only Single-Piece, Stitch-Free Wool Clog
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Since 1888, Stegmann has been handcrafting their signature Original 108 wool clogs. Made of hand-felted wool on a time-proven shoe last, using traditional and proprietary methods, the Original 108 has been perfected over generations. There is no cut and sew at Stegmann. Instead, the wool clogs have a smooth and seamless one-piece upper with uniform thickness throughout.

The benefits to this method are two fold: Customers enjoy a non-rubbing, non-irritating shoe, as well as an extended lifespan as there are no internal seams that can come apart.

Each Stegmann color contains a secret “recipe” or blend of wools to get the perfect color depth. These include the finest merino wools from New Zealand and South America, as well as sustainably sourced local wools from Austria and around Europe.

Stegmann partners with local farmers to purchase wool from rare and endangered species to ensure their continued existence in the region. In some cases the supply chain is less than 30 miles long, and truly a farm to foot experience.

Stegmann wool clogs are made in Europe and assembled in the USA. Wool and Cork components are imported and are then hand built in the United States, ensuring a final quality check.

Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog

· Available in US & half sizes, runs large

· Women’s: 13 colors, Men’s: 3 colors

· Fully wool lined; seamless surrounding foot, generous toe box

· Natural cork/latex foot bed is anatomically shaped with orthopedic level comfort features:

· Heel cup – Helps keep clog on foot

· Arch support – both cork and wool upper are shaped for arch support

· Met(metatarsal) pad – Helps foot and toes spread naturally

· Toe bar – Helps foot stay in clog without “toe gripping”

· 1” heel height, ¾” toe platform

· EVA outsole – Leaf pattern, protects cork, textured for traction

· MSRP $125

About Stegmann USA

Born and based in Austria, the Stegmann brand has been handcrafting wool felt comfort footwear since 1888. Famous for their iconic styling, seamless wool upper and contoured comfort sole, this stalwart brand is poised for growth in the US with fresh styles and finishes to bring sophisticated comfort to new admirers and loyal fans. For more information, visit stegmannusa.com


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