Eagle Creek Introduces All-New Migrate Duffels

The Fusing of Sustainability and Adventure
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Owning the Duffel Category requires constant innovation, and Eagle Creek takes the challenge seriously. With a continued commitment to sustainability and versatility, Eagle Creek introduces the Migrate Duffel, built for the rugged traveler who requires durability, and values environmental stewardship.

So listen up! Migrate Duffels are manufactured with a coating created by harvesting the plastic that’s used to make windshields shatter-proof from landfills in Asia. This industry-leading Recycled PVB (RPVB) coating adds storm-proof water resistance while repurposing a resource that has been removed from the waste stream. Built with Eagle Creek legendary rugged durability, Migrate Duffels feature bluesign®-approved rugged 900D poly twill fabric with TPU face and 1680D Poly with RPVB coating for their greatest fabric durability yet.

The new Migrate Duffels offer a “doctor bag” style zip-top that turns into a monster opening, allowing for full visibility of contents and added capacity when you need it. The durability factor is pumped up even further through the multi-point harness system – one continuous webbing strap, enveloping the bag at critical grab, hoist and tie-down points. Tuck away backpack straps offer multiple options for comfortable carry, and exterior compression straps keep even the most unruly gear constrained. And when the adventure is over, Migrate Duffels collapse flat for storage.

Migrate Wheeled Duffels accommodate super large loads with ease, thanks to a burly top pull handle and treaded wheels that make quick work of curbs and cobblestones.

Migrate Duffels are available in colorways that enable the user to blend in or stand out, including Jet Black, Arctic Blue, Coral Sunset, Sahara Yellow and bold Sueño Andes print (non-wheeled only).

The new Migrate Duffels will be available at retail 1/1/19.

Migrate Duffel:

Need more capacity to haul stuff home? There’s up to 5L more space, when you unbuckle the sides of the duffel.

Migrate Duffel 40L: (EC0A3XVY) MSRP $79

Capacity: 2410 cu in /39.5 L (Expanded: 2685 cu in / 44 L); Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz 

Migrate Duffel 60L: (EC0A3XVX) MSRP $89

Capacity: 3720 cu in / 61 L (Expanded: 4090 cu in / 67 L); Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz 

Migrate Duffel 90L: (EC0A3XVW) MSRP $99

Capacity: 5490 cu in / 90 L (Expanded: 5980 cu in / 98 L); Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz 

Migrate Duffel Sueño Andes (EC0AZXN) $119

Capacity: 3720 cu in / 61 L (Expanded: 4090 cu in / 67 L); Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz 

Migrate Wheeled Duffel 130 (EC0A3XW1) MSRP $159

Capacity: 8390 cu in / 137 L (Expanded: 8665 cu in / 142 L); Weight: 5 lbs 6 oz

Migrate Wheeled Duffel 110 (EC0A3XV2) MSRP $149

Capacity: 6650 cu in / 109 L (Expanded: 6955 cu in / 114 L); Weight: 5 lbs 0 oz


An invitation outside informs all Eagle Creek product designs, innovations and services. From versatile organizers that make traveling seamless to our durable duffels that keep the journey going, our gear and accessories make exploring the unknown possible, effortless and enriching. Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.


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