Solio updates their iconic design with the new and improved CLASSIC2

Solio, developer of battery packs + solar chargers and lighting products, announces the launch of the CLASSIC2, a powerful and modern take on Solio’s iconic debut charger.

OAKLAND, Calif. (May 23, 2012) – Solio, developer of battery packs + solar chargers and lighting products, announces the launch of the CLASSIC2, a powerful and modern take on Solio’s iconic debut charger. Now a decade old, Solio’s substantial collection of user feedback has informed the CLASSIC2, answering demand for more storage in a streamlined package while retaining Solio’s beautiful design sensibility. Offering twice the battery capacity of the original in an unfolding three-panel solar array, the CLASSIC2 arrives just in time for summer activities like travel, backpacking, camping, daily commuting and more.

The device that started a movement

Boasting twice the capacity of Solio’s first CLASSIC model, a day of sun gives three complete charges on portable electronic devices and tops up a tablet quickly. The CLASSIC2 now features a full-sized USB port allowing thousands of devices to easily connect simply by using their dedicated charging cable. The CLASSIC2’s iconic design has been refined while larger solar panels allow for faster solar charging. Solio’s mission to provide an “anything-anytime-anywhere” energy solution for nearly any USB-based electronic device continues with the CLASSIC2.

  • Anything Simply connect to the CLASSIC2 using your device’s own USB charging cable
  • Anytime Holds charge for up to a year and will give smartphones three full charges
  • Anywhere Charge the CLASSIC2 from the sun, USB port, or the wall

A multitude of devices

More and more devices these days are powered by USB. The Solio CLASSIC2 powers smartphoneslike the iPhone and Android devices, GPS unitsand bike computers, e-readers like the Kindle and Kindle Touch, tabletslike iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy, speakerslike iHome and Jawbone Jambox, bluetooth headsets, water purifiers like the Camelbak All Clear and SteriPen Freedom, digital video and still cameraslike Drift and GoPro, and even LED headlampslike the Petzl Tikka-Core, and LED Flashlights like the E-Gear Jolt.

Simple fast charging

The CLASSIC2 1Amp USB output charges target devices at the same rate as a typical wall charger. Popular smartphones go from empty to full in just under 90 minutes and less demanding devices like headlamps, water purifiers, and Solio’s own CLIP-MINI fill-to-max in even less time.

Sundial for energy capture

The ingenious design of the Solio CLASSIC2 allows a pencil to be inserted into a central pivot point to make it possible to track the sun like a sundial. Simply point the CLASSIC2 towards the sun and rotate it until the pencil no longer casts a shadow. Adjust the position of the CLASSIC2 each time the pencil casts a shadow for maximum solar capture efficiency. A full day in the sun completely charges the battery.

Optimized Charging Modes

Solio is the only brand of battery packs + solar chargers to offer a charging mode specifically for Apple devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad in addition to a standard CTIA (Normal charging mode). Through the CLASSIC2’s ability to switch modes with the press of the button, users experience optimized charging results for all devices regardless of their power requirements.

Charge when the sun goes down

When the sun goes down, the CLASSIC2 battery can be re-charged via the micro-USB port. From USB power, the 3200mAh battery charges in 6 hours.

Compact for travel

When the CLASSIC2 is not spun open to capture energy from the sun, it slides into a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand. At 10 ounces, the CLASSIC2 easily tucks into a backpack or messenger bag and provides battery back up for small electronics while on-the-go.

The CLASSIC2 ($100) is available now in Solio’s store and at national retailers like and Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

About Solio

Solio is a developer and manufacturer of portable solar chargers and lighting systems, helping power work and play with renewable energy. Solio products are compatible with an enormous range of devices from GPS units to MP3 players, smartphones, and cameras. Chances are, if a device can be powered by USB, it can be powered by Solio. A nearly ten-year-old brand, the Oakland, CA-based company makes its products available for purchase through specialty retailers like REI, Sprint, RadioShack and also provides rural communities in Kenya with home solar lease options, providing access to affordable clean energy and lighting systems. For more information visit

Energy Equality

Solio stands for energy equality, the belief that all people – regardless of geography or economic standing- are entitled to clean energy and light. Through the development of local entrepreneurship in Kenya, Solio provides affordable, reliable power to rural communities. A purchase of a Solio product helps make this possible.

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