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Schoeller Textil Introduces 2 1/2 Layer Hybrid c_change

The elastic 2 1/2 Layer microporous membrane has all the features of c_change, yet can be unlined to make a lightwieght, high performance shell.

The latest c_change™ development from Schoeller Textil is a 2 ½ layer hybrid membrane. It is an elastic multi-layer membrane uniting two independent membrane systems. On the inside, a microporous polymer ensures a pleasant, dry feeling against the skin. This honeycomb-textured surface achieves outstanding breathability and does not need to be lined, which positively affects the weight of the textile and finished garment.

This microporous membrane is combined with the classic c_changeâ„¢ membrane technology that uses biomimicry as it reacts to changing temperatures and activities. As soon as a higher ambient temperature, greater activity or increased body heat leads to the production of more moisture which has to be wicked away, the membrane reacts. The flexible polymer structure of the hydrophilic membrane changes and allows the water vapour to escape to the outside. As soon as the body produces less heat energy and, as a result, less moisture, the polymer structure returns to the initial position.

In this way, the water vapour permeability adapts flexibly and ensures an optimum climate close to the body. The c_change™ membrane is waterproof and windproof, offers a high level of breathability and adheres to the bluesign® standard.