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SANTA ANA, Calif. - March 20, 2018 

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QALO, the world’s leading functional wedding ring brand, is pleased to introduce Strata, its most intricate and innovative styles to date. The new collection includes 6 rings, all designed with two layers of contrasting silicone colors and distinct, laser-etched patterns.

The new Strata rings for men will be offered in black/white and grey/black color combinations, with three pattern options. Women’s rings will be offered in black/white and black/aqua color combinations, also with three different laser-etched designs.

In addition to the three QALO-designed patterns for men and women, the brand is excited to offer a limited-edition design inspired by its newest brand ambassadors, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy. The exclusive design features a unique geometric pattern that played an important part in the couple’s recent wedding celebration.

“We’re excited to introduce the Strata collection, offering customers a new way to express themselves and show their commitment to family,” said QALO co-founder and CEO Ted Baker. “And we really enjoyed having Dale and his wife Amy sit down with us to help design one of the rings. The couple aligns perfectly with everything QALO stands for.”

Click here to learn a little more about the Earnhardts.

About QALO:

QALO is a lifestyle brand founded on the basis of commitment and functionality. Marriage and family are at the core of everything the brand does. In 2012, founders Ted Baker and KC Holiday each found themselves newly married, loving their wives and hating their wedding rings. They searched for an alternative ring that would allow them to represent their commitment and continue their active lifestyles safely and comfortably, but found nothing existed in the marketplace. From there, QALO was born and remains the most popular functional wedding ring on the market. Connect with QALO on Facebook @QALO, on Twitter @QALOring and on Instagram @QALO. #QALO #QALOring


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