OutsidePR Partners With CamelBak Pursuit Series To Elevate The Outdoors Experience

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Renowned Outdoors Agency Connects Enthusiasts With Experience Of A Lifetime

Sausalito, Calif. - June 15, 2017


Boutique outdoors agency OutsidePR has come on board as public relations partner of the new CamelBak Pursuit Series (http://www.pursuitseries.co). Founded and organized by The Outbound Collective (www.theoutbound.com), a leading community driven online outdoors adventure platform, and Eventus Outdoors, creators of the Outessa Series, the CamelBak Pursuit Series will host two weekend-long events in summer of 2017 that inspire communal celebration, exploration, connectivity and rejuvenation in the outdoors through attendees participating in a range of outdoors activities, hobbies and educational experiences.

The Pursuit Series is the first-ever open-to-all event that provides a comprehensive retreat dedicated to helping improve outdoor participation by providing urban dwellers with the outdoor skills, knowledge and confidence they need to try new activities, build an enduring connection with nature and live healthier, active lifestyles.

During this revolutionary event, the hundreds of participants will be able to choose from a wide range of unforgettable outdoor activities and educational sessions. Depending on location, whether it’s the inaugural Salt Lake City event at Snowbasin Resort on Aug. 11-13, 2017 or at Sanborn County Park, south of San Francisco on Sept. 8-10, 2017, participants will have a vast assemblage of options to select from, such as hiking, night trail running, kayaking, fly fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry First Aid, GPS navigation basics, nature photography, introduction to setting up camp and morning meditation.

“We’re ecstatic to represent an event that’s backed by amazing companies like The Outbound Collective and Eventus,” said Founder and President of OutsidePR, Gordon Wright. “The CamelBak Pursuit Series is taking outdoor events and retreats to a whole new level. It embraces all facets of the outdoors and the people in it: from physically demanding sports, recreational hobbies, backcountry safety education, nature photography to introducing how to setting up camp, everything has been thought out for every level and type of attendee, experts and enthusiasts, alike, across the outdoors space.”

From a range of more than 300 activities to choose from, in multiple time slots, each participant has the freedom to write their own adventure and customize their own itinerary. Instructors, experts, guides and athletes from CamelBak and other event sponsors will be on-site to teach, inspire and mentor each attendee, tailoring each activity to their individual comfort and skill level for each activity.

“Both The Outbound Collective and Eventus have been passionate about growing participation in the outdoors and making it accessible and feasible for everyone. And now that we’re united as the CamelBak Pursuit Series, our resources and options are even more far reaching,” said Brian Heifferon the CamelBak Pursuit Series Director of Product & Marketing, and CEO & Founder of The Outbound Collective. “There’s never been an event with this caliber of capability to forge lasting connections between people and nature, and instill an everlasting curiosity in urban dwellers to explore outside. We can provide people the knowledge, skills and confidence that they can take back with them after the event and incorporate into their busy lifestyles to live more actively and healthier.”

CamelBak Pursuit Series Director of Business Development & Partnerships Julia Stamps Mallon, who founded Eventus Outdoors and established 2016’s Outessa Summit series, said: “It says a lot to have brands like primary-sponsor CamelBak and other amazing partnering brands, such as SMITH Optics, Granite Gear, Oru Kayak, Altra, Trek Bikes, Backcountry.com and Petzl, amongst many others, sponsoring the event, who will all have experts and athletes on-site, instructing at the series. These are heavy hitters in the outdoor industry, and it’s been so inspiring and favorable to work with each of them, as they each bring something unique and irreplaceable to the event. They believe in us, and we believe in them and our Pursuers.”

As the CamelBak Pursuit Series pursues its commitment to growing participation outdoors, OutsidePR, a seasoned and longtime influencer in the industry, turns an eager eye toward the horizon and is looking forward to assisting with media efforts and facilitating communication between the CamelBak Pursuit Series and its publics.

The CamelBak Pursuit Series:

Salt Lake City, UT (Snowbasin); Aug. 11-13, 2017

San Francisco, CA (Sanborn CP); Sept. 8-10, 2017

Tickets can be purchased on the website at http://www.pursuitseries.co

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOutbound/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOutbound

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoutbound/

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Media Contact: Jess Smith, OutsidePR, Jess@Outsidepr.com, 415.565.9530

About OutsidePR: Formed in 1995, OutsidePR is a Northern California-based boutique agency that conducts media relations and marketing services for clients in the outdoor and active markets. Among its clients are BUFF USA, Sparta Science, Allen Sports, BULLS Bikes USA, Bryton Sport, DownTek, AlterG, Red Bull, Kora, Cotopaxi, Injinji, Ultimate Direction and Moji. To learn more about the agency, please visit www.OutsidePR.com.

About The CamelBak Pursuit Series: The CamelBak Pursuit Series is an event that celebrates the outdoors with action-packed weekend getaways in beautiful places. CamelBak Pursuit embraces people from all backgrounds to share in an unforgettable experience that each Pursuer can custom-tailor with activities and educational topics that range from mountain biking to kayaking to introductory seminars on photography or outdoor cooking. Participants choose from a vast number of choices and enjoy a premium experience with professional educators and the best gear.


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