New Year, New Outerwear Team: Ride Signs 2012 Riders For Ride/CAPPEL


Seattle, WA (January 12, 2012) – The Ride/Cappel Outerwear team is stacked for 2012 with the addition of four new riders to the circuit roster. Now dressed in Ride Signature Style, Austin Hironaka, Alex Cantin and Silvia Mittermüller are welcomed as pros along with Yuki Kadono as the newest Ride rookie pro.

“There is a new movement rising up within the Ride brand and with it comes a whole new energy to an already explosive line up,” said Ride Team Manager Matt Sickels. “We have the tools, materials, product knowledge and style that continues to keep the consumer happy and this newly formulated team is dedicated to making proven product even better.”

Representing the Ride Pros, Cantin, Hironaka and Mittermüller will be joining Hana Beaman as Ride‘s elite Pro outerwear riders. “I'm stoked to go further with Ride and I'm proud to be part of the outerwear team. Ride is a really good brand who is pushing their products year after year,” said Alex Cantin.

Rookie Pros Brennen Swanson, Sam Hulbert, Megan Ginter, and Yuki Kadono ensure the future progression of the program while international and legendary team riders such as Cosmo Yoshizawa, Takashi Nishida and Nico Droz represent ideas new and established, stylish and functional.

Silvia Mittermüller shared, “To me, being a part of Ride means more than just being dressed in great looking, functional clothes - it gives me the chance to bring in all the years of snowboarding experience I have to help create the best outerwear I can imagine. It's sweet to say a word and have it directly influence the pieces you´re wearing all season long!”

“I'm real hyped to be supporting all NW brands again!” – Austin Hironaka

About Ride Snowboards: Founded in Redmond, Washington, in late 1992, Ride hit the market with a vision — to create a snowboard company on the basis of uncompromised fun. Today, based in Seattle, Ride continues to stay true to its original goals. Offering a full range of quality boards, boots, bindings & apparel, Ride has worked tirelessly to maintain its distinct brand identity, push the limits of product innovation, and has firmly established itself as a leader in the snowboard industry. For the latest, please visit