New Report: Kickstarter and Adventure Brands

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Customers say crowdfunding can be the ultimate brand hack.

Bozeman, MT


Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Kiva have become big business, but are they right for your business or idea? In this report, we learn that adventure customers seek and support crowdfunded campaigns for three personal and potent reasons: discovery, disruption, and community. But it’s not as easy or affordable as it may seem, and it’s definitely not for everybody, according to our Think T+O panel.

In this issue of The PULSE we explore the following:

- How do crowdfunding campaigns impact the consumer’s perception of the brand?

- Does launching a new business on a crowdfunding platform help or hinder brand loyalty?

- Is crowdfunding just for start-up brands or can established brands benefit from them, as well?

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