New England Footwear launches Z7 -- a uniquely new footwear line

Introducing Z7 Footwear, the first and only shoe to combine nature, science and craft, and deliver overall health and wellness through natural balance.

Portsmouth, NH - Introducing Z7 Footwear, the first and only shoe to combine nature, science and craft, and deliver overall health and wellness through natural balance.

The human body is designed to move naturally over all types of surfaces. The problem is modern footwear has changed the way we walk by taking your complex foot and putting it on a flat soled shoe. This effectively isolates the muscles and prevents the body from working how it was designed. Z7 footwear changes that with a collection of shoes designed to work as nature intended, engaging all 26 bones in the feet and 7 major muscle groups in the lower body by using a simple technology called the Z7 cradle that can be subtly incorporated in any shoe design resulting in wellness shoes that no longer have to be ugly!!

By understanding the mechanics of the human body and how muscles are engaged, we have developed a unique platform within all of our shoes called the Z7 cradle. Doug Clark, CEO of New England Footwear the parent company that is launching Z7 Footwear states, “This cradle works by simulating the effect of walking on cobblestones creating subtle movement that engages both the primary AND secondary muscles in the leg, allowing the foot and body to move together as nature designed.”

Clark further states, “University studies have shown that by making even subtle adjustments in balance, you can engage parts of the body you haven’t used since the day you started wearing “modern shoes”. This will result in lower blood pressure, increased circulation, improved joint mobility and improved overall physical and mental health … simply by walking with natural balance. Furthermore, other studies reveal that walking on cobblestones can create the same affect.”

Z7 shoes are inspired by Chinese medicine, modern science and a sophisticated knowledge of anatomy. Z7 shoes are named for the 26 bones in the foot and seven major muscle groups. (We used the 26th letter in the alphabet - Z - and added a 7.) The patent pending Cradle in all Z7 shoes disrupts the repeated front to back motion, and isolation of muscles that occur when wearing traditional footwear and engages all 26 bones in your feet and all 7 major muscle groups in your legs with every step. The Cradle effectively replicates the effect of walking on cobblestones allowing your whole body to move as nature intended.

There are a lot of emerging brands that try to deliver a wellness component in their shoes … many have tried, few can deliver on their claims or produce a shoe that looks as good as it works. With Z7 Footwear we have produced a premium product that marries function with comfort and fine shoe making, and adds the additional benefit of tangible health and wellness.

Z7 footwear is made in one of the world’s best craft factories. Z7 shoes are leather lined, engineered and designed with quality construction, comfortable, waterproof AND breathable. These are some of the best shoes you can purchase at any price. Our patent pending AirEeze ventilation system obsoletes the need to wick moisture away from your foot, by actively circulating air inside your shoes, evaporating sweat, cooling your feet and stopping the sweat (again, as nature intended). Each step you take provides a breath of fresh air for your feet.

Z7 is available at Nordstrom, Amazon and Foot Smart .

New England Footwear is the parent company of Z7 Footwear and Go Lite Footwear.

 Media contact: Kim Clark at phone 1-877-610-8870


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