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NEMO’s Spoon™ Shape Sleeping Bags Win Outside’s Gear o

Outside Magazine awarded NEMO’s Spoon™ Shape Series sleeping bags with its Gear of the Show award on Aug. 2nd at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 Show.

Outside Magazine awarded NEMO's Spoon™ Shape Series sleeping bags with its Gear of the Show award on Aug. 2nd at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 Show. Meant as a precursor to the Gear of the Year awards given twice a year in Outside's Buyer's Guides – the Gear of the Show recognizes innovative products that the editors can't wait to get their hands on to test. Only eight of the industry's top products were bestowed the honor.

“The Spoon™ is unique in that, up until now, there have really only been two sleeping bag shapes—‘relaxed fit' which is wide and comfy, but maybe not as thermally efficient, and ‘mummy', which is narrow and warm, but sometimes not as comfortable. I've definitely heard complaints about this from readers and consumers—people can't seem to find the sweet spot between warm enough and strait jacket…The Spoon™ Shape mixes the best of both worlds, creating a bag that you hope is as comfortable as the first type (relaxed) with the thermal efficiency of a mummy. So, we can't wait to get our hands on it!” said Alicia Carr-Troxell, Outside's Associate Managing Editor.

What makes the Spoonâ„¢ Shape Series different?
- The unique design follows your body's contour to maximize comfort and warmth. There's extra space around your elbows and knees to better accommodate side sleepers.
- The waterproof/breathable footbox protects against tent wall condensation.
- The highest quality insulations and baffling system are incorporated: PrimaLoft® SYNERGY for the synthetic bags and DownTek™ water repellant 700 fill power down with Insotect Flow™ for the down bags.
- An insulated Blanket Foldâ„¢ tucks in for warmth and adds home-like comfort.
- Ultralight down-proof ripstop nylon shell.
- 2-way zipper allows venting from the top and bottom of the bag.

“Our entire sleeping bag line started with this one simple thought: maybe the traditional mummy shape isn't the best design for a good night's sleep in the outdoors. Over the last two years, we've researched how people sleep and came to the realization that almost nobody sleeps, well, like a mummy. We've developed the Spoon™ Shape to free your legs and unshackle your feet. Through extensive user testing we've refined the design to more closely mimic your body and accommodate all sleeping positions,” said Suzanne Turell, NEMO's Director of Design. 

By partnering with the industry's best insulation and technology companies, NEMO's Spoon™ Shape Series offers the highest performing insulations the company has ever tested. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY brings all the benefits of PrimaLoft™ (insulates even when wet, highly durable, extremely compressible), with the advantages of continuous filament technology for more loft, softness, and home-like comfort. The 700 fill power down with DownTek™ nanotechnology provides a water repellant treatment that maximizes down's ability to insulate, even in the presence of moisture. And Insotect Flow™, a flow-optimized insulation system that delivers uniform heat distribution and natural body contouring through its revolutionary vertical baffle design.

The bags are offered in DownTek™ at 15°F and 30°F and in PrimaLoft® SYNERGY at 25°F and 40°F. While the full-scale, global launch with outdoor specialty retailers kicks off spring 2013, a small production run of hand-numbered bags can be pre-ordered for September 2012 delivery, on a first come, first-served basis through NEMO's microsite.

NEMO was founded in 2002 with the commitment to bringing the highest level of design and engineering to the world of outdoor adventure sports. In addition to its AirSupported Technology®, NEMO has patents pending for many of its products' features and accessories. NEMO tents, sleeping bags, pads and backcountry washing systems can be found at local, national and international retailers, including Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and Campsaver.


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