Lorpen Launches Advanced Technology “T3” Sock Line

New T3 technology is specifically designed for both cold and warm weather conditions resulting in better performance for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Lorpen, a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance socks for outdoor and sport enthusiasts, announces the advanced technology sock line called “T3.” The new T3 technology line is specifically designed for both cold and warm weather conditions resulting in better performance for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The T3 technology brings a sophisticated combination of natural and synthetic fibers, making the T3 sock line one of the most advanced performance socks in the industry. The new collection will be available at specialty retail stores and online at www.lorpen.com in spring 2013.

“At Lorpen, our mission is to improve the most technical sock on the market and with the new T3 launch, we believe we have achieved our goal, ” said Bruce Barrows, VP of sales and marketing at Lorpen North America. “We realize the foot requires a different technology when performing in cold weather activities verses warm weather activities. The launch of the T3 line offers the best technology in the sock industry.”

Lorpen's T3 cold weather socks are a combination of Primaloft polyester, Merino Wool and nylon fabric in high friction areas. The blend of the high performance fabrics keeps the foot dry and insulated, reduces blister formation and keeps the foot comfortable in all while washing well and maintaining durability. Enhanced design technology includes spider open mesh and “spider net” materials that ensure foot placement, faster drying and temperature regulation. The new T3 technology is available in a variety of ski, snowboard and cold weather hiking socks.

The warm weather T3 Lorpen socks are created to perform under extreme heat and sweat activities. The mixture of Coolmax, Tencel and nylon fabrics, wick moisture away from the foot keeping it dry while maintaining foot placement within the sock, eliminating friction that causes blisters. The new T3 warm weather, extreme sweat sock lines also incorporate open mesh and spider net technology in their design material. The advanced design technology helps to release the heat the foot produces while created a cooling effect. The T3 works with Coolmax to draw the moisture from the foot and dispersing to the outside of the sock. The warm weather, intense sweat T3 line is available in several Lorpen sock lines, including Trail Runners, Hiking Socks, and Multisport Socks.

About Lorpen
Founded in 1985, Lorpen is based in Etxalar, Spain, located at the base of the Pyrenees and has been selling performance socks in the U.S. since 2004 and Canada since 2001. At Lorpen, technology and performance are the top priority in every sock they manufacture, and as such, the company is a top choice among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, including well-known mountain climbers around the globe. Lorpen socks are now available in 59 different countries around the world, including a variety of independent and major retailers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, go to www.lorpen.com.

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