Leatherman Redefines Multipurpose

Unveiling new logo, iconic tool brand writes next chapter
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Portland, OR — January 22, 2019 — In 1983, Tim Leatherman invented the multipurpose tool in his garage and soon after the Leatherman Tool Group became the category leader in multitools. Thirty-five years later, the global brand is headquartered and proudly manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Built upon the three principles of unwavering perseverance, ingenious design, and the ability to save the day, Leatherman continues to attract fans around the world. In 2019, the brand builds on its incredible momentum as it redefines its positioning and unveils Leatherman FREE, an entirely new platform of multipurpose tools with an elevated user experience.


“The new multipurpose platform infuses new life into the brand and offers a new approach to how we design and build products,” said Ben Rivera, president and CEO of Leatherman Tool Group. “The new logo reflects that evolution. We are taking the focus off the pliers itself and now embracing everything the tool enables us to do. We are evolving from just making multi-tools with pliers to becoming a multipurpose brand that empowers the multi in everyone." 

The refreshed logo represents the brand’s objective to expand its draw to wider audiences and showcases the evolution of the brand. The former logo depicted a silhouette of a pliers-based Leatherman tool. The sleeker logo hints at the shape of the iconic tool yet stands alone as the “L” in Leatherman. This new approach enables the brand to develop and improve upon the ways in which it offers solutions to life’s everyday challenges, which means empowering more people to save the day.

“The new logo represents the brand’s stalwart commitment to multipurpose,” said Anthony Perez, global creative director of Leatherman. “Thoughtfully designed, our intention was to create something that celebrates Leatherman’s iconic history while also expanding what we can mean to people outside of a pliers-based tool.”

The refreshed approach to multipurpose was created as a method to enhance the brand’s point of view and product offering. Leatherman’s founding principles of providing high-quality, ingeniously designed products in Portland, Oregon remain a constant as the brand evolves.

Rivera added, “Becoming a multipurpose brand means thinking about what our tools represent to a diverse group of owners and recognizing that it’s different for everyone. Leatherman is as multifaceted as they are. Regardless of who they are or what they do, we’re with them in all of their pursuits.”

About Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman, Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality multipurpose products with distribution in more than 86 countries. Built upon three principles, unwavering perseverance, ingenious design, and the ability to save the day,

Leatherman has empowered people around the world to solve problems, big and small. Proudly based and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, the brand’s factory is located in the same building as the company headquarters. For more information visit www.leatherman.com or find us on Facebook at /leatherman.



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