Julbo’s Run Sunglass Wins Women’s Adventure Editor's Choice

Julbo Eyewear is honored to have won the first-ever Women’s Adventure Spring Editor’s Choice Award in the Mountain Cycling category with the Run sunglasses.

– Julbo, designer and manufacturer of leading-edge, protective eyewear and lens technology, is honored to have won the first-ever Women's Adventure Spring Editor's Choice Award in the Mountain Cycling category with the Run sunglasses. Julbo's Run sunglasses underwent rigorous field testing and succeeded to earn the Women's Adventure seal of approval as a state-of-the-art product for active women.

“We're honored to see the Run recognized by such a great magazine as Women's Adventure. It's a sungalss that really excels for the adventurous traveler and outdoors person,” says Nick Yardley, Julbo's U.S. president.

Women's Adventure Magazine is the only sports, travel and lifestyle magazine for women who thrive in the wild outdoors. The April issue will feature the Editor's Choice Awards.

The Run was designed with the help and expertise of many professional runners and mountain bikers to satisfy all needs at high speeds. The Run boasts bold style features that couple fashion with superior sport performance, as well as wide lenses and curved frames for maximum visibility. Additionally, the Run has shock absorbent temples and nose pads that can handle the technicalities of any trail.

The Run is available with polarized lenses for $120 retail, or with Julbo's Zebra photochromatic lens for $150 retail.

Julbo's patented Zebra lens technology gives the lens a broad range to adjust to the sun's aggressiveness in different environments. The Zebra adapts to varying light conditions from Category 2 (59-percent visible light coverage) in low light conditions to Category 4 (95-percent visible light coverage) in powerful light in as little as 30 seconds. Additionally, the Zebra lens has a lifelong anti-fog coating.

Julbo's Zebra lens is made from NXT®, developed for the U.S. Army in the 1990s. NXT is unbreakable, incredibly light, offers better transparency and is optically superior to other lens materials especially when compared to polycarbonate. NXT is solvent resistant and is very high in definition compared to any polycarbonate lens, as well as, being caste into glass molds to ensure lower internal stress.

NXT is found in Julbo's most technical, photochromatic lenses including the Zebra, Camel, Octopus and Julbo's new Polar HD+ polarized lens. Unlike polycarbonate lenses, NXT actually features the photochromatic dye inside the material through laser technology.

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