Introducing Annie Band Jewelry

Annie Band Jewelry: One-of-a-kind, custom jewelry celebrating and inspired by earth, life and spirit.

Wilson, WY – Introducing Annie Band Jewelry ( unusual, unique jewelry that blends aesthetic beauty and inspiration, creating a perfect combination of design and talismanic spirit.

Annie Band’s silver, bronze, copper and gold jewelry are often set with vibrant gemstones. No two are alike. The materials Annie uses reflect her environmental ethics: only recycled natural or lab-grown gemstones are used. Metals are chosen to minimize harmful mining processes.

Nature and life inspire Annie’s hand-sculpted and hand-inscribed creations. The design process is highly synergistic and incorporates powerful symbols & totems with inscriptions of poetry, quotes, or inspirational words. Thus each piece is imbued with its own meaning to the person who will wear it.

“When I am creating, it is with intention and spirit. Then a person connects with a particular piece, and it’s quite clear that it’s meant for them. I find the mystery of the process fascinating.” said Annie. “It’s wonderful when a woman finds a design and message powerful to them. I love it when I see a true connection between wearer and piece.”

An eclectic mix of artist, teacher, wildlife biologist, poet, and conservationist, Annie’s background allows her to draw from a diverse toolbox to create intensely personal pieces that connect with our human spirit.

Annie makes everything from charms with letter initials to intricate custom pieces, which are designed specifically for a particular person, or to celebrate an occasion or milestone. Her designs can be found online at, including photos of pieces that have sold, to provide inspiration for new designs. Annie is happy to discuss custom designs and prices.

Based in Wilson, WY, Annie Band Jewelry uses a highly synergistic design process, incorporating powerful symbols and totems with inscriptions of poetry or inspirational words. The resulting pieces feel lovely to touch, are beautiful to the eye, and powerfully inspirational to the wearer. For more information on Annie’s jewelry, philosophy, and ethics, please log onto


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