Hobie Cat Company Enters Into Agreement with NEAH Power Systems

The Two Companies Will Jointly Explore the Exploration of Fuel Cells to Power Hobie Cat Boats.

Hobie Cat Company, a leading manufacturer of sail and fishing boats as well as kayaks, today announced that it has signed a technology license agreement with NEAH Power Systems, Inc., (OTCBB:NPWS) of Bothell, Washington to jointly explore using NEAH's patented, silicon-based fuel cells to power Hobie Cat boats. NEAH's fuel cells use renewable methanol, a cost-efficient, sustainable and “green” mode of energy. The announcement was made by Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company.

NEAH Power Systems, Inc. is known for the development of fuel cells for the military and portable electronic devices. Dr. Chris D'Couto, NEAH's President and Chief Executive Officer, noted that NEAH fuel cells operate in both aerobic and anaerobic manners, which directly apply to Hobie's water environment. “Our micro fuel cells may eventually replace batteries for most uses,” D'Couto said, “meaning that cost-efficient and “green” technology is at hand to not only preserve the environment, but to provide nearly perpetual power to the military, to manufacturers of almost any product that requires an energy source, and to the millions of consumers who require energy on-the-go.”

Skidmore went on to say that “when NEAH's fuel cells become operational in Hobie products, it will open up new business opportunities both inside and outside of our current product offering.” Hobie Cat products are sold all over the world by a large network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and quality products. From their headquarters in Oceanside, California, Hobie Cat Company manufactures, distributes, and markets an impressive collection of watercraft worldwide. These include an ever-expanding line of recreational and racing sailboats, pedal-driven and paddle sit-on-top kayaks, fishing boats, and authorized parts and accessories.