Heliconia Releases Ice Fishing - Ultimate Guide book

The Heliconia Press is excited to announce the release of their new book, 'Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide'. In typical Heliconia fashion, the new book is published in a large, full color format, and is filled with spectacular photography.

The Heliconia Press is thrilled to announce the release of Ice Fishing – The Ultimate Guide by Tim Allard.

Whether you're new to ice fishing or an experienced hard-water angler, this book is written for you. It's an all-encompassing guide that covers everything you need to know about modern ice fishing. With over 225 color photos and 65 sidebar tips, this 214-page book not only details the art and science of how-to catch fish through the ice, but also conveys to readers the fun and unique experiences of winter angling. Join author-photographer and ice-fishing fanatic, Tim Allard, and over 20 pros as they share the most up-to-date techniques to catch North America's favorite sport-fish in winter.

You'll Learn About:
- Ice fishing fundamentals and modern techniques to catch walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, crappie, sunfish, trout, and more
- Strategies and jigging tactics guaranteed to make you a better angler
- The best spots to find fish throughout the winter
- Proper clothing and how-to dress to stay warm
- Portable sonar and how-to use it to catch more fish
- Rod, reel, line, and lure selection for various fish species
- Shelters, augers, and other cutting-edge tools
- Responsible angling practices and selective harvest principles
- Ice fishing safety

Media Resource
- For a free media review copy, contact: brendan@helipress.com, or call toll free 888 582 2001.
- To see a sample from the book online visit www.helipress.com .
- To interview the author, contact: info@timallard.ca

Purchasing Information
$24.95 US/CDN
Available direct from Heliconia at www.helipress.com, national book chains like Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble; and specialty outdoor stores.
Wholesale inquiries: brendan@heliconia.com - 888 582 2001


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About Tim Allard Tim Allard is a full-time outdoor journalist and a regular contributor to numerous North American publications. Visit www.timallard.ca