Heliconia Releases Filleting Fish DVD

Starring Rapala pro and filleting expert, Paul Powis, Filleting Freshwater Fish clearly demonstrates how to clean any freshwater fish and is the ultimate guide to great fillets.

Beachburg, Ontario, (February 5, 2010) The Heliconia Press, a leading TV producer and publisher of books and DVDs on outdoor pursuits, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest DVD, Filleting Freshwater Fish, presented by Rapala.

Starring Rapala pro and filleting expert, Paul Powis of J&P Charters, Filleting Freshwater Fish shows viewers the best ways to fillet any freshwater fish, including walleye, bass, trout, salmon and pan fish. Paul then demonstrates easy and foolproof methods for filleting the more challenging northern pike and catfish. The DVD continues with special segments about how to keep your knife sharp, and the proper ways of freezing fish.

"Paul has been performing filleting demonstrations at fishing shows for years, and they've always been a hit," explains Ken Whiting, President of Heliconia. "There is probably no one out there who has taught more people to clean fish than Paul has."

The Filleting Freshwater Fish DVD is 50 minutes in length, has a retail price of $14.95, and will take advantage of both Rapala's and Heliconia's distribution networks to maximize on its availability to both specialty and chain stores.

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