Grassroots Outdoor Alliance taps Gabe Maier as vice president, strengthening commitment to data

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An advocate for specialty independent retail


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Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, the national organization dedicated to the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail, today announced the promotion of Gabe Maier to vice president.

Maier previously served as the organization’s data and business analyst, meshing a deep background in finance and business development with the personal touch of an independent retailer.

Maier’s promotion and growing role at Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is in part a result of the group’s increasing emphasis on data collection, trend analysis and data-driven decision making.

“The reality is that Grassroots Outdoor Alliance – like any sales organization – is in the data business. Being able to recognize what’s selling, what’s not selling, and how we can all do better is critical to our mission” said Rich Hill, president of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. “Gabe strengthens our team every day with his leadership, his positive energy, and his ability to cut through the numbers and hone in on what’s truly relevant.”

Data driven business tools provided to Grassroots Outdoor Alliance member retailers include annual financial studies as well as customized trend and reporting data. Grassroots market insights also provide retailers with assistance in forecasting, buying, selling, staff management and increasing profitability.

“Every day, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is helping specialty outdoor retailers run smarter and more efficient businesses. It’s a great mission, and I’m excited to be a part of it,” said Maier.

ABOUT GRASSROOTS OUTDOOR ALLIANCE: Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is an active, independent network of 64 independent retailers working together for the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail. Through data collection and analysis, direct member support, specialty events and deep vendor partnerships, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is creating both a vision and roadmap for the long-term success of independent specialty retail. Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is also recognized as a catalyst for the success of its retailers and vendor partners; an advocate for specialty independent retail; a promoter of education and community within the specialty channel; and a key influencer of the national outdoor industry. For more information on Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, please go to

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