Esquif Canoes Creates The Pocket Canyon For Weekenders

Not a traditional time to release information about a new boat in some people’s minds but Esquif Canoes is excited to let their dealers and the industry know that the new Pocket Canyon will be available in early January 2008.
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“The Pocket Canyon is a smaller, lighter and smarter version of our very popular Canyon model”, says Jacques Chasse owner of Esquif Canoes. “We believe this boat is creating a new niche for canoeists. The Pocket Canyon is perfect for those paddlers who want some versatility in performance, female paddlers who are looking for something more manoeuvrable on and off and water and a boat that is perfect for a day trip or the weekend.

The Pocket Canyon will be available in Royalex in dark blue. The Pocket Canyon's versatility is also reflected in the following specifications: 14'6” length, 34'' beam, 16” depth and weighs 60 lbs.

Esquif team paddler Eli Helbert had the opportunity to get out on the water in the Pocket Canyon recently and happily reported, “The Pocket Canyon is stable, nimble and responsive. This is the perfect size for tandem teams camping out on smaller rivers. This boat is also ideal for standing up and clowning around solo; fly-fishing, poling, or showboating in your new favourite toy.”

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