Empower Kenyan energy entrepreneurs this Holiday Season with Purchase

This holiday season, Solio, maker of industry leading solar chargers, will deploy one Home Solar Power Kit to an energy entrepreneur in rural Kenya for every GIFT+EMPOWER Solio BOLT sold through January 1, 2012.

OAKLAND, Calif. – This holiday season, Solio, maker of industry leading solar chargers, will deploy one Home Solar Power Kit to an energy entrepreneur in rural Kenya for every GIFT+EMPOWER Solio BOLT sold through January 1, 2012. For $100 - holiday gift givers, corporations, and independent organizations looking to give a unique gift that keeps on giving - will receive a new Solio BOLT of their own, while giving a solar energy entrepreneur in Kenya the necessary tools and training they need in order to start a profitable business in their community.

Unlike other corporate gifts, Solio is offering its first ever GIFT+EMPOWER Solio BOLT as a way for organizations to excite recipients with a truly meaningful gift, which supports fellow business people across the globe.

Solio has engaged rural Kenyans to leverage one of their greatest natural resources – solar energy – to create sustainability-based businesses via solar leasing. In comparison to other business opportunities such as agriculture, there is stable, reoccurring revenue from the business from week one.

By providing these Home Solar Power Kits to entrepreneurs, Solio is helping Kenyans start solar appliance leasing service businesses within their communities while helping shoppers with a unique and socially impactful gift. The Solio Home Solar Power Kit includes the rugged and weather resistant Solio M.U.D. solar charging station, a USB-powered FM radio, a USB-powered15-LED room light, and a USB-rechargeable LED Flashlight.

Families in rural households also benefit from using the Home Solar Service through savings of up to 30% of their former weekly energy spending, which would have otherwise been used on kerosene and single-use batteries. Both time and money will be saved because walking long distances to charge mobile phones will no longer be necessary. The Solio service also provides families with clean and healthy light, eliminating toxic fumes and burn injuries created by burning kerosene.

With an on-board battery and rotating solar panels, the Solio BOLT ($70) charges popular USB powered gadgets like smart phones, MP3 players, e-readers, GPS units, cameras, and more. The BOLT connects via a device’s own USB charging cable and holds a charge for up to a year. A fully charged BOLT will give most smart phones two complete charges and can be charged by the sun, USB port, or the wall.

Apart from the Home Solar Power Kit, the Solio BOLT can be purchased separately at RadioShack, T-Mobile, Sprint, Amazon, and REI stores in the United States and Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada. The BOLT is also available at www.solio.com.

Watch a demo of the Solio BOLT here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxGwYroVvts&feature=channel_video_title

About Solio

Solio is a developer and manufacturer of portable solar chargers and lighting systems, helping power work and play with renewable energy. Solio products are compatible with an enormous range of devices from GPS units to MP3 players to smartphones and cameras plus headlamps and lights. Chances are, if a device can be powered by USB, it can be sustainably powered with Solio.

A nearly ten-year-old brand, the Oakland, CA-based company makes its products available for purchase through specialty retailers and provides rural communities in Kenya with power and light through leasing, providing access to affordable clean energy and lighting systems. For more information visit www.solio.com.

Solio stands for energy equality

Through Kiva microfinance loans, solar energy entrepreneurs are able to start a green energy business of their own. Solio is a proud partner of Kiva - find out more here: www.kiva.org/green

Tested by daily use

Families in Kenya use Solio to power their entire home. We’ve learned to make durable, reliable solar chargers – because people depend on us! Learn more here: www.solio.com/dailyuse

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