CHAOS Headwear, Hats that Change Lives

Chaos Headwear announces that sustainable sourcing improves standards of living for their specialty supplier: The Head Knitter’s Guild from the Alti-Planos region of Peru. The partnership provides much needed financial relief.


CHAOS Headwear, Hats that Change Lives
The Head Knitter's Guild Knits Custom Chaos Moon Shadow Collection for Sixth Year

Steamboat Springs, CO (October 5, 2010) — Chaos Headwear announces that sustainable sourcing improves standards of living for their specialty supplier: The Head Knitter's Guild from the Alti-Planos region of Peru. The Head Knitter's Guild supplies Chaos headwear with handcrafted sustainable hats for the Chaos' Moon Shadow collection. The partnership provides much needed financial relief and empowers Peruvian families.

During a recent meeting with Montreal representatives, the director of the Head Knitter's Guild, Javier Dam related to the company how impactful their contracts with Chaos and companies like minded, have been to improve the livelihood of the families in the remote Alti-Planos regions of Peru.

“We have always believed that it was unnecessary to compromise elegance and style while promoting social consciousness. Our relationship with the knitters of Alti-Planos is one in which we take great pride. This type of feedback is affirming, in that it lets us know that we are on the right track, helping individuals and communities in concrete ways. It's very exciting.” Cynthia Lee Surette, Product Development Manager and Hattie Award winner at Do-Gree Fashions-maker of Chaos Headwear.

The Moon Shadow-Peru Collection is co-developed by Chaos in Canada and The Head Knitter's Guild in Peru producing decorative and whimsical designs made from 100% alpaca and alpaca acrylic blends. The line is 100% supplied by the Head Knitter's Guild whose mission is to sustainably support thirty-five indigenous mountain pueblos with alternative year round regular employment. The Moon Shadow collection supplies resorts and specialty boutiques nationwide and can also be found at
Below are four examples of how Chaos, working with the Head Knitter's Guild, has helped change the lives of four regional families.

Santa Sullica Quipse, 42: Santa has six children, two in primary school, two attending college, and two with families of their own. The improvement of her financial situation has given her the to ensure her children receive a better education. Santa has always valued education, but only had the means to send her two oldest children to high school (an impressive feat in itself for a low income family). Since beginning to work with the Head Knitter's Guild Santa has doubled her income, and she has now earned enough to send her middle-two children to college.

Hilaria Ventura Paco, 44: All of Hilaria's eight children are able to go to school, and one daughter is the first in her family to go to college. After witnessing Hilaria's success her sister Ricardina Ventura Paco has also join the team of knitters, and is thankful that the Head Knitter's Guild has helped her send her six children to school with a full stomach.

Leonarda Curasma Yacha, 35: Since beginning to work with the Head Knitter's Guild Leonarda, a mother of two, can now afford to send her older child to a pre-college academy. Leonarda is also now closer with her husband, having reduced stress on the household by bringing in additional income to feed and educate their two children.

Gloria Clemente Nahui, 38: Like Leonarda, Gloria is sending her oldest child to a pre-college academy and is able to better feed and educate all three of her children. Gloria is happy to knit the “silly hats” for the Head Knitter's Guild, and adds “Keep'em Coming!”

“All the ladies working on this group (not just the one's here mentioned) agree on something, they are very thankful for the opportunity to work and they want this not to stop happening. This group is composed of thirty-five women and two men from the state of Huancavelica, and the districts of Ascencion, Huanaspampa and Paturpanpa. We collectively thank you for all the support.” Javier Dam, Director of the Head Knitter's Guild.

Along with a dedication to improving lives around the world, Chaos has developed the award winning Chaos Organic-Green Label, which is committed to using only safe dyes and sourcing. The Chaos Green line utilizes only ‘low impact dyes' that have less toxic run-off into drains, oceans and ground water and the non-chemical dyes are made exclusively from vegetable and root powders. Select Chaos styles are made with recycled poly blends and organic wool, which are blends made from soda-bottle spun plastic for resilience and thermal properties. Each product in this category is lined with recycled fleece.

These award winning collections, Chaos Green Label and the Peru Sustainable collection-- have supplied the industry for four years: continuing to incorporate a diverse selection in sustainable fibers, that includes alpaca, organic cotton, organic hemp and organic wool blends.

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Chaos Headwear specializes in quality, responsiveness and a vast array of headgear possibilities. The brand is owned by Do-Gree fashions, a mill that has been family-owned and operated for three generations. Based in Montreal, Canada, Do-Gree Fashions is able to respond quickly to both customer requests and fast-paced market trends, which allows the company to offer unparalleled service. Designs from both Chaos and sister brand Moon Shadow vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high-end alpaca, all of which supply the men's, women's and youth markets. Materials include: merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, fleece, and technical fabrics from the New CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation, Fits ALL 4X®, Pro-Stretch™ and Pro-Stretch plus™, Windshield®, Dri Release®.


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