Backpacking NC Challenge 2011

Great Outdoor Provision Co., Osprey, MSR & Thermarest inspire North Carolinians to hit the trail over the next 6 months with the "Backpacking NC Challenge 2011"

Great Outdoor Provision Co. joins Osprey, MSR & Thermarest with author Joe Miller & UNC Press to inspire folks across North Carolina to go backpacking. Sometimes all you need is a little extra incentive to get you out the door and into the wild.
Like an MSR Pocket Rocket Stove. Or a Thermarest Scout Lite Sleeping Pad. Or a set of great birding guides from UNC Press.

Those are some of the incentives offered as part of the Backpacking North Carolina Challenge 2011, which kicks off April 12 at Great Outdoor Provision Co. The launch is timed with Joe Miller's new book “Backpacking North Carolina,” which, says the cover, is “the definitive guide” to “43 can't-miss trips from mountains to sea.” The book is geared toward beginner and intermediate backpackers.

The Challenge: Between now and October, do two trips in the book and become a member of the “Ridgeline” club, entitling you to a free water bottle and T-shirt courtesy Challenge sponsor, the Great Outdoor Provision Co. Elevate yourself to “Prospector” status by doing four trips, and GOPC will award you a free MSR Pocket Rocket stove. Do six trips from the book in the coming five-plus months and you will become a full-fledged “Mule,” earning both the MSR Pocket Rocket and a Thermarest Scout Lite Sleeping Pad.

We'll be using Great Outdoor Provision Co.'s Facebook page for scorekeeping: Simply post photos from your trip (and a word or two about the experience) to receive credit. Prizes will be awarded at Great Outdoor Provision's October Mountains-to-Sea Trail event, date tba.