Ahnu Helps Blind Hiker Trevor Thomas complete PCT Thru-Hike

Thomas and Team Farsight make rigorous 6-month, 2,800 mile, backcountry journey from Mexico to Canada

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA- Supported by Ahnu, blind hiker Trevor Thomas and his team, Team Farsight, have just completed a Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru-hike. The 2,800-mile expedition is the first on record to be accomplished by a sightless person.

Thomas and a small support group of backcountry enthusiasts – known as Team Farsight – completed the 6-month PCT thru-hike Sept. 25, 2010. Hiking from Mexico to Canada, the four-person team relied on Ahnu footwear to safely and comfortably guide their steps as they passed through some of the most demanding terrain on the planet.

An experienced expedition athlete, Thomas is now the first blind person to thru-hike both the PCT and the Appalachian Trail. In 2008, Thomas became the first sightless person to make an unassisted thru-hike of the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail. Thomas, 40, lost his sight five years ago to a rare eye disease.

“Trevor is a true inspiration to both the blind and sighted communities. Wee are incredibly proud to support him and Team Farsight with the footwear they needed to accomplish such a rigorous mission,” said Ahnu Footwear founder and President Jim Van Dine.

The challenge of the PCT thru-hike is one that few athletes have overcome, as fewer people have successfully completed a thru-hike of the PCT than have summited Mount Everest. One of the primary reasons for the low success is that the PCT traverses some of the most rugged, remote and dangerous terrain in the United States.

Beginning near San Diego and finishing in British Columbia, Thomas and his team passed through the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges, parts of Yosemite National Park and the Ring of Fire Range.

Team Farsight braved blizzards, extreme heat, native wildfires and non-existent trails throughout the PCT. One of the hardest expeditions on the planet, the trail is demanding on both athletes and equipment.

Ideal for the numerous terrain and climate challenges on the PCT, Ahnu's unique Numentumâ„¢ technology (a neutral positioning system) was essential to Thomas and his team. Rooted in advanced biomechanical design, Ahnu Numentumâ„¢ technology positions the foot in a natural, centered position promoting proper foot balance for optimal performance in any terrain. Thomas and his team used Ahnu's rugged hike and cross-terrain products, including the Westridge Mid, Moraga Mesh and Firetrail styles.

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