AFG Launches Fitness Line Assembled from Most Acclaimed Features

AFG announces the launch of a new series of elliptical trainers and treadmills that integrate the most acclaimed features across Johnson Health Tech’s portfolio of brands.

AFG (Advanced Fitness Group) announces the launch of a new series of elliptical trainers and treadmills that integrate the most acclaimed features across Johnson Health Tech's portfolio of brands. The goal: Deliver what serious athletes, and those just starting with fitness, want–a comfortable workout with great results at home. The new fitness machines, now available at select specialty fitness retailers nationwide, include award-winning features like SIXstar Certification™, the MaxTone™ Arch Pedal, a Passport™ virtual workout experience and maintenance-free running belts.

“The AFG brand is all about designing smarter fitness equipment that focuses on the needs of the end-user,” said Mark Zabel, Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Development. “This new line spotlights our most purposeful features – and consumers enjoy all the benefits.”

New AFG Ellipticals shine with the addition of SIXstar Certified frames that deliver the most natural feel on an elliptical machine. Derived from extensive biomechanics research, SIXstar Certification offers a unique combination of six key elements needed for a perfectly ergonomic workout:
•Ideal pedal placement to eliminate stress on hips and back
•Upright body posture for maximum comfort and better results
•Pedals placed low to the ground for easy access
•Optimal handlebar spacing
•A more natural foot path
•Smoother momentum from a large drive train pulley ratio

AFG Ellipticals also benefit from the addition of the MaxTone Arch Pedal, a curved pedal exclusive to Johnson Health Tech that engages lower-body muscles and helps tone glutes and leg muscles while providing an intense cardio workout. Other benefits of the unique design include improved posture, increased circulation and reduced stress on knee and hip joints.

To keep workouts varied and challenging, the new AFG treadmills come with a range of 10 to 15 built-in workout programs that stimulate foot hills, mountain climbs, 10Ks and more. The ultimate in workout entertainment, the 7.1AT treadmill comes equipped with the Passport media player, a high definition workout experience that brings the world's best running paths to the user's living room. Available to the consumer market for the first time, the technology integrates with home entertainment systems and uses real destination footage to take users on a journey through stunning destinations such as the rim of the Grand Canyon and the streets of Venice.

AFG treadmills also receive an upgrade with maintenance-free, waxed running belts that never require lubrication.

The new AFG line consists of three elliptical trainers and three treadmills and is available now at specialty retailers, online and select national retailers, including Sears. The new line includes:

3.1AE Elliptical
•23-pound flywheel
•20 levels of power incline
•Long, 20-inch stride length
•Speakers with iPod® and MP3 port
•SIXstar Certified™ frame for a smooth, natural motion

4.1AE Elliptical
•Heavy-duty, 30-pound flywheel
•Speakers with iPod® and MP3 port
•Nike Plus® compatible
•SIXstar Certified™ frame for a smooth, natural motion
•Unique MaxTone™ Arch Pedal tones leg muscles and glutes

18.1AXT Elliptical (Ascent Trainer)
•23-pound flywheel
•20 levels of power incline
•19- to 20-inch stride length
•Speakers with iPod® and MP3 port
•Nike Plus® compatible
•SIXstar Certified™ frame for a smooth, natural motion

3.1AT Treadmill
•2.75 HP continuous-duty motor
•Spacious, 20” x 55” deck
•Up to 12 MPH speed and 12% power incline

5.1AT Treadmill
•3.0 HP continuous-duty motor
•Spacious 20” x 60” deck with active response™ cushioning
•Heavy-duty, folding frame with lifetime warranty
•Exclusive proFile™ performance tracking technology

7.1AT Treadmill
•3.25 HP continuous-duty motor
•Non-folding platform frame built with heavy-gauge steel
•Passport™ media player, the ultimate fitness immersion experience
•iPod® and Nike Plus® compatible

About Advanced Fitness Group
AFG is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, the third largest fitness manufacturer in the world and home to some of the most respected fitness brands in the industry, including: Matrix, Vision, AFG, Horizon and LIVESTRONG. AFG products are sold exclusively at specialty fitness retailers in the United States and Canada. AFG offers a wide variety of smart, value-added fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and functional strength training equipment.

All AFG equipment is designed with one thing in mind—the end user experience. Before a product is conceived, AFG talks to consumers to find out what they want in their fitness equipment. Based on this knowledge, AFG focuses its resources on the things that matter most—developing the tools and features people need to accomplish a fitness goal. The end result is smart, highly functional fitness equipment that empowers people to look, feel and live better.

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