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Stott Pilates takes teachings to kids

Stott Pilates of Toronto, Canada, is offering a short series of classes for no cost at an area elementary school as a pilot program.

Stott Pilates of Toronto, Canada, is offering a short series of classes for no cost at an area elementary school as a pilot program. The goal, a spokeswoman told SNEWS, is to bring the Pilates teachings to at-risk kids. The classes started this week, and flyers attracted 20 signups, including six boys and 14 girls. The first assignment for the kids we were told: Keep a journal about their experiences in the class. First question for the journal: "Choose an activity -- physical or mental -- and then talk about how the five principles of Pilates can make that activity better." Moira Stott's daughter, Olivia, goes to the school, making it an easy place to get a pilot program approved.

SNEWS View: We believe that each company -- as it becomes successful -- should make some effort to reach kids, be it in occasional lectures or workshops, or classes. Every exposure a young child can get to physical activity of any sort can make an impression.



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