SportsArt XTrainer on Men's Health "Lust List," ad directs readers to specialty

Still gloating from landing among the five products named to the Men's Health annual pick of top workout gear, SportsArt Fitness is also running an ad in the issue to direct readers to specialty retailers to try the piece. Nautilus also lands in top 5 picks, and Hoist scores two-page spread as "best" home gym.

Still gloating from landing among the five products named to the Men's Health annual pick of top workout gear, SportsArt Fitness is also running an ad in the same October 2005 issue to direct readers to 18 specialty retailers to try the piece.

"I'm incredibly pleased and proud," said Scott Logan, SportsArt director of marketing.
"Men's Health has a great demographic, but there's still a pretty good chance many don't know what a specialty retailer is, so that's a major strategy: To raise awareness of that channel."

The full page ad on page 159 (in half of all distributed copies) shows SportsArt's rather outrageous but attention-nabbing ad of a young boy who has wet his pants, with the headline, "We're X-ceptionally X-cited about our brand-spanking new XTrainer."

"Keep in mind the main purpose of an ad is to get readers to stop flipping through the pages and look at your ad, so we went with a pretty in-your-face approach for both the picture and the text," Logan said. "We think this will definitely get readers attention. Obviously, I wouldn't do copy like this in Good Housekeeping magazine."

The copy below the picture and headline explains the product plus it names 18 retailers from around the country, each listing complete with logo, state, and telephone number, as well as the offer to try the piece and get an XTrainer t-shirt.

"We're hoping we can drive people into our retailers with a special offer," Logan said. "This is huge."

Retailers in the ad include Omni Fitness, Fitness Resource, Exercise Guys, Bob Block, Fitness HQ, Champion Fitness, Fitness Outlet, Mad Bear Fitness, Bandit Fitness, Home Fitness Warehouse, Fitness Factory Outlet, Body Dynamics, The Exercise Equipment Experts, Coastal Fitness, Fitness Direct, Fitness4Home, and Fitness Equipment World.

The other products on the "Lust List" on page 138 include the Bowflex Revolution, Landroller Skates, the Powerbreathe lung trainer, and the Tanita Innerscan body composition monitor.

In addition, on page 140 and 141, Hoist Fitness scores a coup by having its Half-Cage Ensemble being named "the best home gym" in nearly a two-page spread that includes multiple photos and exercises. Others products named as a part of that spread on building muscles include Hoist's three-position HF4163 bench, Nautilus' Selectech dumbbells, TuffStuff's Power Rack and Cage, and Ivanko's 300-pound weight set and bar.

The magazine's October issue hits news stands Sept. 13, and is landing in subscriber's mailboxes as of this week.



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