SNEWS TV takes you on a wild ride through Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010

SNEWS TV is drawing high praise for its energy and production quality since its launch on Aug. 4. With five episodes in, the latest finds Michael Hodgson waking up in the Horny Toad booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Tune in and enjoy the ride!

We had no idea what would transpire when we announced the launch of SNEWS TV on July 30 with our story, "SNEWS TV launches at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market ’10." With only five episodes live now, it looks like we have a hit on our hands -- and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

One viewer wrote us after the first episode, “Michael is awesome in the new SNEWS TV coverage. Thanks for keeping it live, real and fresh!” Another sent a text message saying, “Love SNEWS TV!” Another emailed, “Thanks for all the coverage on SNEWS TV. Great high energy stuff,” and one more commented, “Hey, I LOVE this SNEWS TV!”

That whooshing noise you heard over the weekend was a collective sigh of gratitude and relief emanating from the SNEWS headquarters. But the work has only just begun and we’ve only started to tickle the fun meter.

To make it even easier for you to find SNEWS TV, a SNEWS TV viewing screen is now featured on every page in SNEWS, displaying the most recent episode uploaded to our YouTube channel, along with thumbnails of our other most recent episodes. To ensure you are ahead of the game, we encourage you to subscribe to the SNEWS TV channel by going to

Our latest episode, in the player shown below, from Day 4 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, finds Michael Hodgson waking up in the Horny Toad booth before leading viewers on yet another wild ride through a selection of new products and booths that caught his eye.

More episodes will debut over the following days and weeks, including episodes created by our own SNEWS Youth Reporting Team. And, look for SNEWS TV coming to a trade show or event near you -- maybe even Health & Fitness Business and Interbike in mid-September. Stay tuned and stay awake with SNEWS TV!