SNEWS® Special Offers

Special offers from the SNEWS® team: One free month of SNEWS® for anyone who has never subscribed to SNEWS® before; FREE SNEWS® subscription for retail sales staff; and more....

Never Read SNEWS® But Curious What All the Buzz is About?

1. Anyone -- You Can Get One Month of SNEWS®, FREE…

Yup, we're offering a month of free SNEWS® to anyone* interested in a subscription, but still isn't sure enough to spring for the full year without first taking a peek. To find out more about this very special "one-month of free SNEWS®" offer, go to and follow the instructions.
*This offer is only good if you have never had a subscription to SNEWS® at any previous point in your lifetime, or during any other lifetime even.

2. Retail Sales Staff -- Are You a Retail Salesperson Working for an Outdoor or Fitness Retailer?

You should be receiving your own SNEWS® subscription, FOR FREE!
Yeah, really. We're giving away free one-year subscriptions to support retail training. If you'd like your very own SNEWS® subscription (for FREE**), packed with industry insight, selling tips, merchandising advice and how-to-sell guides, and a free one-year subscription to either the Outdoor or Fitness GearTrends® and FitBiz publications (U.S. subscribers only), then go to

**Naturally, with any offer this good, there is a bit of fine print: Only sales staff engaged in selling products directly to customers and who spend a majority of their time working on the sales floor and employed by an outdoor or fitness retail store are eligible. The SNEWS® accountants have made us promise that store management (that mean's owners, buyers, vice presidents, Lords of the realm, head bottle washers, chief trash compactors, and anyone who just thinks they are the most important person around) must be receiving the full-access, paid subscription to SNEWS® before store staff can qualify for the FREE offer. We know, that's so mean, but our accountants wear dark suits, white shirts and fancy shades, and answer to names like Guido, and speak in terms of "youse better do dis thing I'm askin' if youse don't want to be wearing concrete shoes." …Yeah, we know. We tend to listen. 

3. Store Owners and Management (See above fine print about Lords of the realm) – Get SNEWS® for Your Entire Staff, Free!

Did you say you aren't a subscriber to THE voice of the industry?!

If you are not currently receiving SNEWS®, just send an email to us at to find out how your entire sales staff can qualify for their very own individual and very FREE subscriptions, all in the name of retail training. Once you and a select number of your executive team activate full-access paid subscriptions to SNEWS® (as low as $185 for one person, and $625 for five subscribers for an entire year), your entire staff becomes eligible to receive either Free SNEWS® for Outdoor Retailers or Free SNEWS® for Fitness Retailers.

4. Extra, Extra! Get GearTrends® and FitBiz too.
U.S.-based stores and retailers subscribing to SNEWS® also qualify for a certain number of free one-year staff subscriptions to the GearTrends® and FitBiz business publications with features on market developments, trends and products. (Of course, full paid SNEWS® subscribers get their very own copy they can hide in a desk drawer so no one will steal it.)


Trial SNEWS Offer -- One Month Free With Purchase

One month of SNEWS® for FREE? You read it right. We're offering you (but only if you have never had a subscription to SNEWS® before) one month of SNEWS® for FREE*. To take advantage of this very special "one-month of free SNEWS®" offer, go to Select more

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