SNEWS Qs, Manufacturer Edition: David Kemble, Rocketlok

Periodically SNEWS chats with fitness manufacturers to ask about their business and products. This SNEWS Qs features Rocketlok and its Mananging Member David Kemble.

David Kemble

Managing member, Rocketlok


What makes Rocketlok adjustable kettlebells different from other products on the market?

The Rocketlok kettlebell has revolutionized the adjustable kettlebell class. The sleek, patented design retains the traditional shape and maintains the center of gravity at all weight levels. The balance stays consistent, which is highly important to the user. The body is made from cast steel and the weighted interior cylinders are milled from solid steel. A molded polyurethane cap with easy slide locking mechanism keeps the weights safely secured. Unlike other products on the market, our product is an actual kettlebell not a dumbbell with a handle on it.

What was the inspiration behind this product design?

After designing our adjustable dumbbell we saw a need for a true adjustable kettlebell. It took over 27 different concepts before we settled on the current design. It took another one and a half years to put it all together. We had two design goals, first to make an adjustable kettlebell that actually looked and felt like a kettlebell, and second the design had to be suited for both the commercial market and retail market.

How will this product revolutionize the market?

It is revolutionary due to the simplicity of its design. It is the only adjustable kettlebell that retains the true shape of a traditional kettlebell. Because our inner cylinder weights are machined to such exacting tolerance, there is no rattling or interior movement. The locking mechanism with added safety features and cylinders allow for the “quick change” of weight during workouts. The look, size and portability make it attractive to a mass market. Our adjustable kettlebells will have the same impact that adjustable dumbbells had on the dumbbell market. Like the dumbbell, our adjustable kettlebell are positioned for the same explosion onto the marketplace. Kettlebells are widely used in gym-trainers and workouts like P90X, CrossFit and "The Biggest Loser." This product will take the kettlebell out of the shadows and into mainstream home fitness.

How can specialty retailers successfully sell this item?

Retailers could have immediate sales from contacting personal trainers and their standard books of business. Customers are always looking for innovative designs and like to have the most cutting-edge designed products. Our weights can be used with any self-directed home exercise programs such as P90X or CrossFit. Personal trainers can also switch weights easily for their clients. Approximately 80-90 percent of current kettlebells being sold fall between the empty weight of the 20-pound (actually 14 pounds) and the full weight of 36 pounds. With just two of our adjustable kettlebells it replaces seven different sizes of fixed weight kettlebells. Our products are targeted to meet the needs of a broad range of customers, including fitness enthusiasts and individuals who are seeking the benefits of regular exercise.

Tell SNEWS a bit about Rocketlok’s history.

It was a friend-of-a-friend situation. I received a phone call from a friend after he received a call from an acquaintance that needed help with the development, manufacturing and sales of a patented product. This product turned out to be our adjustable dumbbell. After receiving samples and a meeting with Jerry Burwell, the patent owner of our adjustable dumbbell, I immediately realized this was something special. That meeting then led to a trip to Telluride to form a partnership with Jerry’s daughter and son-in-law, my current partners Jeff and Erica Jurecki. We didn’t really know a lot about the fitness industry, Erica and Jeff own a successful restaurant and I have been in the import/export business for 20 years; we needed to educate ourselves on the best the market had to

offer. As I said before, during all of our research to perfect Jerry’s design of the dumbbell we realized there was a huge opportunity to do something unique for the kettlebell. Our products are a culmination of research and design feedback from all areas of the fitness industry. We owe a lot to all the people we visited with who were happy to share their open and honest opinions while we developed our products.

--Compiled by Ana Trujillo