SNEWS® Live: Reps cope with high gas prices by increased efficiency and sales

Sales reps and managers talk with SNEWS® Live to lay out observations on the high price of gas and its impact on their bottom line.
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SNEWS® Live: The high price of gasoline has everyone in the outdoor business wondering: How is it going to affect the bottom line? As we reported in recent weeks, fuel costs aren't going to prevent people from enjoying their time outdoors. Business will continue. Consumers will likely just spend more time outside but closer to home, driving less and sharing rides when they can.

But not everyone has that option. Independent sales reps are still required to put their time in on the road. Visiting customers for sales calls and product training clinics is part of the job. It requires these road warriors to put in as much as 35,000 miles a year on the highway.

As gas climbs past $4 a gallon, we're curious to know how those battling it out on the front lines are handling the situation. SNEWS® Live connected with sales reps and managers to get their take on the soaring cost of fuel. Here's what they had to say.