SNEWS® Live: Johnson Health Tech CEO Peter Lo shares his story of growth from barbells to treadmills

Johnson Health Tech CEO and founder Peter Lo talked to SNEWS® Live to tell how he turned a $200 order for barbell pieces three decades ago into a company that will exceed $400 million in global sales this year.

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SNEWS® Live -- Thirty years ago Johnson Health Tech took its first order: $200 for 400 barbell pieces. “It was a small order, but a big step for our company,” said CEO and founder Peter Lo. Today, Johnson is a leading developer of fitness equipment and has aspirations to become even bigger -- the best and largest in the world by 2010. During the grand opening of a new 214,000-square-foot facility near Madison, Wis., SNEWS® Live sat down with Lo to learn a bit about Lo's philosophy, his company’s history and to discover plans for the future.


Johnson Health brands taking big steps globally

Peter Lo wears a pressed white shirt, Wall Street-striped tie and a sharp navy suit. Looking the part of a well-heeled CEO of a global company, which he is, doesn't keep him from shedding his jacket, loosening his tie and taking strolls around the factory floor every morning and more

Johnson Health Tech R&D center nearing reality

A global design center that will house teams from Matrix, Vision, Horizon and their parent Johnson Health Tech should be up and running by December in a first-of-its-kind attempt to bring together the best of both overseas manufacturing and U.S. design in a way that improves more