SNEWS® Live: First African-American woman skis to the North Pole at 75

Retired nurse of gerontology Barbara Hillary, 76, talks with SNEWS® Live and shares her journey of becoming the first African-American woman to ski to the North Pole and her plans to visit the South Pole at year's end.
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SNEWS® Live: At the age of 76, Barbara Hillary is a prime example of a person determined to live on her own terms. Residing in the borough of Queens in New York, this retired nurse of gerontology is celebrating the best years of her life in the pursuit of a most unlikely goal. In May 2007, when she was 75, Hillary became the first African-American woman to ski to the North Pole. Inspired by her first successful excursion, she's now making plans to visit the South Pole in November 2008.

As if her recent accomplishments and future ambitions aren't impressive enough, it bears mentioning that Hillary is also a survivor of lung cancer. Unapologetic in her steadfast aspiration to live life to its fullest, she has embarked on a new career as an adventure athlete. Her mission: To demonstrate to others what's possible with the right attitude.

SNEWS® Live contacted Hillary at home by phone to learn what drives this hard-charging woman with high-latitude dreams.