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Coronavirus news

Your local gear shop needs your help: Here at SNEWS we've started a new campaign, #SaveYourLocalGearShop, to help specialty independent retailers through difficult times.

The outdoor industry speaks up: OIA and 23 other trade associations sent a letter to President Trump last week calling for the removal of punitive tariffs on imports from China. 

National parks finally close: After pushback from employees for remaining open, the National Parks Service announced that it will, at last, start closing visitor centers, campgrounds, restaurants, and lodges across the nation. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Adidas backtracks: Following an announcement that its stores would remain open and the swift criticism that followed, Adidas has sheepishly walked back the decision. [The Motley Fool]

Vail calls it off: Vail Resorts has announced that all of its resorts will remain closed for the rest of the season, full stop. [9NEWS]

Keep your customers shopping: To help during the crisis, Locally has made it even easier for independent retailers to list their products online and get their goods into customers' hands. 

Make the most of a scrapped event: If you’ve cancelled an event or conference due to the virus and now have out-of-date goods that you need to unload, donate them here.

American Alpine Club benefit dinner: The AAC switched its annual benefit dinner to a virtual event this year in light of the coronavirus crisis. A full recap of the event is now out.

Climbing during the crisis: With all the travel restrictions and talk of social distancing, is it OK to take a climbing trip right now? A writer from Climbing weighs in. [Climbing]

TP alternatives: Across the country, people are panic buying toilet paper. If your local supermarket is out of stock, take a hint from the backpacking community and try some creative alternatives. (Tip: Don’t try flushing any of this stuff.) [Backpacker]

Responsible adventuring: With the government recommending limits on nonessential travel, life can start to feel a little claustrophobic. Get “out of the house” with these five virtual national park tours. [Travel + Leisure]

Other industry news

A greener version of Google: “Every search helps clean our oceans,” says the team behind, a search engine whose servers are powered by hydroelectricity. All revenue collected by the site goes toward removing trash from the sea.

A higher bar: Clif Bar has elevated its packaging imagery by replacing its iconic male rock climber with famous female athletes in a new limited-edition series. [Gear Junkie]