Merchandising Tour: Store environment that invites smiles

SNEWS Merchandising Editor Robin Enright visits one Moosejaw's new retail stores to see how the outdoor retailer is enticing customers with more playful merchandising.

Moosejaw could never be accused of taking itself too seriously — except when it comes to gear, of course. In fact, we’re guessing that it would be impossible to hang out in the retail environment without smiling. Boulder, Colo. now has a brick-and-mortar Moosejaw, and from playful copy on ordinary graphics to a disco ball hanging in a fitting room lined with Thermarest mats, the visual merchandising is full of humorous and funky turns. There is even a distorted full-length mirror along the clothing wall.

Brand story is messaged through a lifestyle focus in a way that “embraces the madness” with freshness and flair. Unexpected details include a velvet-covered crate that acts as a footwear stool and a George Washington-style powdered wig atop a male mannequin. Make no mistake, there’s serious equipment throughout, but the store just as easily appeals to the outdoor enthusiast who is heading out for a walk in the woods as the one summiting Mt. Rainer. No elitist attitude here.

According to Boulder store manager Erin Doherty, being tech-savvy is a Moosejaw focus and the store is equipped with four iPads to provide immediate access to inventory and expedite the sales process. Eliminating checkout lines enhances the consumer experience and helps avoid buyer’s remorse — otherwise known as the “uh-oh, do I really want to spend money today?” sensation customers can experience the longer they wait.

Moosejaw has a nontraditional signage and copy approach that gets attention, and recently posted a sign in its window calling for “bad ass salespeople.” A fixture topper states, “We tried gift wrapping at Moosejaw once. It was a disaster. We didn’t realize you had to be one thousand years old to do it right.” Brand stickers take the place of a cluster of traditional brand signage.

Neighboring Apple Store employees are pretty stoked about their new neighbor as well. A full sized ping pong table sits just inside Moosejaw’s signature garage-style doors (left open whenever possible), and rumor has it the crew comes over fairly regularly to play when on break. According to Doherty, the store wants to invite the community to come on in and hang out.

The key is to invite customers to drop on in and have some fun, and hopefully when the time rolls around for a new pair of climbing shoes or pack, visitors won’t think twice about who to hit up.

(pack wall)

Moosejaw has an aggressive growth plan, with five new stores planned for the next five years, but it draws the line at being a part of the indoor mall scene because that’s just not their vibe. Moosejaw worked with FRCH Design on its new store design.

“We’re here to have fun and share our passion,” Doherty said. Amen to that.

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