Merchandising Know-How: Window films that work

One of the most persistent problems facing retailers is sunlight fading products in front display windows and the accompanying heat that pushes up the costs of store cooling.

One of the most persistent problems facing retailers is sunlight fading products in front display windows and the accompanying heat pushes up the costs to air condition the store. Until recently the “cures” were adding awnings (attractive but not the best solution) or using ugly yellowish-brown light filtering and heat-reflecting films that darken the view and have a shiny, metallic look (and the habit of peeling off and scratching).

I recently came across a window film that is undetectable, scratch-resistant and reduces heat and light without significantly altering the look of the window from the inside or outside. It’s about time!

The film, made by Huper Optik, is polyester impregnated with silver, gold and zinc particles. It prevents up to 82 percent of the hot infrared light from coming through windows. In the winter, it keeps heat from escaping through the glass. The net result is more energy efficiency and less fading of window displays.

There are two film choices. The “sech” line appears clear on windows and blocks out 54 percent of hot solar rays and 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays that fade fabrics. The “drie” line is slightly dark and blocks up to 70 percent of heating rays and 99 percent of the rays that fade fabrics.

The cost of the film is about $12 to $13 per square foot. Windows with films can be cleaned with mild dishwashing detergents and most nonabrasive window cleaning products.

For more information call Yachad Solar 800-553-8468 or go to

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